Tuesday 3 March 2020

Choosing the Right Bed for Your Childs Bedroom

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When planning out your child's bedroom one of the most important features in the room is the bed. It's the one thing that every bedroom needs and is where your child will hopefully spend all night sleeping. But with so much choice, choosing the right bed for your child's room can be a difficult decision.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right bed including the size of the room, how old your child is, the space available and whether or not you want your bed to be more than just a place to sleep, such as offering storage or desk space too. With so much choice I have shared below a selection of our favourite single beds from Bed Guru (as well as double thrown in for those with fidgety sleepers) with something to suit any space or child.

Cabin Beds

Cabins beds are a great choice of bed and super versatile too. You can get cabin beds that are high sleeper, mid sleeper or even low sleeper, but the great thing about cabin beds especially if they offer so much more than just a place to sleep! Often these beds will have an extra element such as storage, desk space or even dens (as Evelyn excitedly found out) underneath.

Cabin beds are great if your child's room is lacking in extra space as the space under the bed becomes useful too. They are also great for older kids too who want a space they can work from or relax in. My son really wants a cabin bed with a desk so he can put his XBOX under it and hide away from his sister!

Bunk Beds 

If you have more than one child and are considering them sharing a bedroom you will have probably considered bunk beds right? Bunk beds are fantastic if you have children sharing a room as they save tons of floor space having the beds stacked above each other as well as being great fun too.

Bunk beds definitely don't have to be boring, just check out the double decker bus above! James and Evelyn had bunk beds for a while and they loved it, they used stickers, posters and other various bits and bobs to make their bunk their own and regularly hung sheets from the top bunk to make a den on the bottom! We always went with the rule of eldest on top to save arguments as the eldest found it easier to navigate the ladder etc at night. Whatever way you decide to do it bunk beds are great for siblings who share a room and for saving space too.

Guest Beds 

Lots of kids love having sleepovers, but finding somewhere for extra kids to sleep that isn't on a hard uncomfortable floor can be a challenge. If your child has regular sleepovers who perhaps your have friends/relatives with children who regularly stay over, a guest bed could definitely be a handy choice.

Day to day it can be used a standard single bed. However when you need to you can pull another single bed sized space out from underneath the original bed to create an extra sleeping space. This means no stress trying to sort another bed space out and when not in use its not cluttering up anywhere as it simply slides back under the bed.

Double Bed

If your child likes to move around in their sleep or you often end up bed sharing with them during the night, a double bed can offer that extra space that you might need. It means your child has plenty of room to move, roll and flip around in bed without the worry of them falling off. Also if you do bed share it means you will have space to sleep next to them without being bunched up next to a wall in the cold!

Double beds are also great because they grow with your child, whether your child is 5 or 15, a double bed will still be plenty big enough for them and won't feel dated or too babyish as they get older either. You would just need to update the mattress now and again.

Of course what bed you decide on will depend on your child and their preference too so its always best to take them along with you (if they are old enough) and get them involved with the decision making on their new bed. This can help them get excited about having a new bed and help them adapt to the change too.

What type of bed did you choose for your child's bedroom?


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  1. I decorated my daughter's bedroom last summer and had a bit of a swap around. I was amazed at how much space can be saved when a bed is in the right position! Sim x SimsLife

  2. My grand daughter has been wanting a cabin-style bed for quite some time! Her parents have basically converted a bunk bed into one, and she love it. When our kids lived at home, it wasn't long before they graduated to double beds or a queen (donated by family that upgraded their beds).

  3. We're actually choosing some new beds for the kids when we move. Olivia is desperate for a princess bed and Jack wants a cabin bed with a desk.

  4. We need to redecorate my Daughters bedroom and am currently looking at ideas, it is more storage we need though

  5. I used to have a guest bed which was always great for sleepovers. Cabin beds are great when you're short on space x

  6. I have a cabin bed and it can be a great space saver and fits into small spaces! Plus I love being higher up!

  7. I love the London bed, I think I could quite happily sleep in that never mind the kids, it looks so cool!

  8. We opted for a mid height cabin bed for the extra storage underneath. Unfortunately our planning didn't go too well, as we thought it was better to just have the space and not buy the optional extras that came with it (built in storage). It would have been better to have the right fitting things to go underneath rather than just his current shelves and variety of stacking boxes. But it has certainly given more room for his vast collection of toys.

  9. I like the look of cabin beds! I have a few years yet until I need to think about it as my son is still in a cot at the moment.

  10. We went for a double, he loves it as he can sleep wherever he wants, being that he is an own child. I love the bus bed! It is really important to have the correct bed.

  11. Those are all wonderful bed choices. It's important to select the right bed for your child so they can have a good nights sleep.