Monday 2 March 2020

UniVerse Collectable Surprise Unicorns **REVIEW**


Regular readers of my blog will know that Evelyn is a huge fan on surprise toys and collectables so when she heard of a brand new toy that not only combined her love of surprise toys and collectables, but unicorns too I think she almost burst with excitement!

We were kindly sent 4 UniVerse Surprise Unicorns to try out and Evelyn couldn't wait. When they first arrived Evelyn initially thought they were squishies. That's because each unicorn is hidden inside a fluffy cloud that looks and feels a bit like a squishy.

But the fun really begins when you start the process to reveal your unicorn and all of its surprises. The clouds are actually made of a dissolvable paper like material and to reveal your unicorn you need to place the cloud into a bowl of warm water.

Now this is where the surprises begin, because as you drop your cloud into the water a colour will begin to appear in the water. This colour indicates which group or family your unicorn comes from, this is your first clue as to who will be inside the cloud! There are 7 different whimsical, magical lands the unicorns can come from.

The clouds dissolve pretty quickly (ours took less than a minute!) and as they dissolve you will notice the water turn from water into a more slimy consistency. Its worth noting as this point that the kids will get slimy so its probably best to do this activity as a table or with a tray/mat of some kind. The slime itself is very sticky and has a bit of a funny smell which put the kids off, which is a shame as they usually love slime!

However they weren't too bothered and were super excited to discover that as the cloud dissolved it revealed a clear bag, which inside held 4 patterned blind bags. These contain your unicorn as well as a range of surprises too.

The 4 blind bags contain your unicorn, an accessory for your unicorn, a smaller companion/pet for your unicorn and finally a collectors guide (so you can check which unicorn you have and what land they live in). There is also a scratch card which reveals some more information about the unicorn you find such as what they like and dislike to eat.

Evelyn loved the whole experience of opening these and whilst they weren't super keen on the smell or stickiness of the slime, if your kids love slime they will probably love this part too! We love the uniqueness of revealing the surprise inside the cloud which is something we haven't seen in any surprise toys personally ourselves.

The unicorns themselves are very cute and Evelyn though it was great that each one had their own accessories and little personality with their likes and dislikes etc. The detail on the unicorns and the smaller pet is fab too and since all of the accessories from each unicorn can be swapped around and used on any unicorn Evelyn has great fun playing with these unicorns for a long time after opening them.

There are over 40 UniVerse surprise unicorns to collect, with a range of different features including  colour-changing, liquid-filled, scented, fun-hair, glow-in-the-dark, translucent, metallic and fuzzy unicorns to collect. UniVerse are priced at just £9.99 each and can be purchased from Smyths and other toy stores. 

Is this a surprise toy you think your child would love too? 


**We received 4 of these toys for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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