Friday 15 May 2020

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Birthday Gift

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When it comes to finding the perfect gift for a birthday party or someone special in your life you want to get it right. With so many choices out there it can often feel confusing and overwhelming trying to pin point that perfect gift. But what if I told you there was a website out there that with the ultimate selection of gift ideas and they will even help you narrow down your choices based on the child's age, gender and interests too!

Wicked Uncle is a site built and designed to help us mums, dads, wicked uncles, awesome aunties and super grandparents find the perfect gift by offering a huge range of fun, interested and unusual gifts. But they don't stop there, the Wicked Uncle website has a handy feature that allows you to narrow down the choices helping you choose. This includes shopping based on gender, age or the child's interests.

The gifts you can find on Wicked Uncle are that little bit different as a team they have worked hard to be able to share with you a wide range of toys including those much loved classics and iconic toys right through to something a bit different. With that in mind we thought we would share with you some of our favourite gift ideas from the website, please do let us know yours in the comments below!

Educational Toys

Learning doesn't have to be boring and the range of educational toys and games available prove just that. Plus when buying a fun yet educational toy you know your keeping both the parents and child happy right? The Human Body - Under X-ray is a jigsaw puzzle with a twist! Once kids have figured out the jigsaw itself they can then use the mission cards which come with the set to identify different body parts. The set even comes with a black light torch which kids can use to identify and find parts which might not be seen with the naked eye, pretty cool right?

Outdoor Toys

Do you know a budding mini David Attenborough, or perhaps a child or just loves being outdoors? Then this wildlife detective set is definitely a winner and it contains everything a child could need to really get stuck in with understanding and discovering nature. This fun 12 piece kit comes with animal info cards, bug viewer, tweezers, specimen bags, measuring cups and plaster kit as well as a handy 20 page guide book full of facinating facts and interesting information. 

Building & Construction Toys

Kids love helping out, even if perhaps the job isn't suitable right? I mean as soon as you get out the tool box or something that might be remotely dangerous kids are like a magnet to it! But with this Design and Drill Brightworks light up creativity set kids can drill to their hearts content without any risk of danger. The set comes with 80 translucent bolts and a drill that really works, it has two different drill bits of kids can work out which piece to use. There are also 12 different design ideas to try (although of course kids can get creative with their own designs too) and well their design is finished that can flip the switch to see it all light up.

Chocolate Goodies

If in doubt when it comes to buying a gift, chocolate is usually a winning choice, but if you are looking for something that is also a bit different how about this Belgian chocolate stationary set. Handmade from dark and white Belgian chocolate the set contains a full stationary set that is completely edible (and totally delicious too).

Creative Toys

When it comes to imagination and getting creative kids are definitely the best! They have amazing imaginations and most kids love getting stuck into getting creative, getting messy and making things too. That's why this fun Bath Bomb Factory from So Bomb DIY is a great gift idea. The set contains everything you need to create up to 6 fizzy, colourful bath bombs. Kids can get creative adding different combinations of colour powder, scents, glitter and different toppings and sprinkles to make their bath bombs completely unique. What's better is the bath bombs are ready to use in around 30 minutes too so no waiting around to try them out!

Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are a great option to consider when choosing a gift, these tactile gifts are great for children who may have a sensory processing order but they are great for kids who don't too, we all love sensory based toys and they can be enjoyed by all ages too. This set contains 20 pods of playfoam which includes 8 different colours four of which sparkle. You can squish it, squash it, stretch it, build with it or mix it all together. The nest bit for parents is that playfoam isn't sticky so need to worry about it sticking to carpets, hair or little hands.

When it comes to buying gifts my top tips would be to set yourself a budget and stick to it! When you go into a toy shop or browse online it is so easy to get carried away with spending. Instead set yourself a budget and try to stick to this, believe me once kids go to school parties happen all the time and it gets expensive.

My second tip would be to think like a child. As an adult we can sometimes look at toys and see the flaws or think they will be useless or boring but kids have an amazing imagination and look at toys in a completely different way to us. So when you walk into that store or scroll through your options online think like a child and just remember how exciting and fun it was to just "play".

What is your favourite gift idea from Wicked Uncle and who do you think you would buy it for?


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. Such good gift ideas, the human body X-ray one is amazing!! Adding it to my 7 year old’s birthday list!

  2. I really like to put thought into gifts, especially for children. I prefer traditional wooden type toys or education ones for sure!

  3. I love Wicked Uncle and always find great gift ideas on there, I love that you can choose by age and gender as well

  4. I didn’t know a site like this existed there are so many great toys out there, I particularly liked the Human Body - Under X-ray is a jigsaw puzzle, but I’ve always been fascinated with the body and the twist - amazing! A great way for kids to learn in a fun way!

  5. We love Wicked Uncle. My girls are mostly past playing with toys but there is still plenty of things on there for them. The chocolate goodies look fab x

  6. Never heard of Wicked Uncle before but that sounds like a great place to check out. My kids would totally prefer mostly educational and outdoor type of toys.

  7. We love Wicked Uncle for gifts - they have such a fantastic range of different gift ideas for all ages! I love the look of that Bath Bomb Factory!

  8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra19 May 2020 at 09:36

    These are great gift suggestions! I have a niece who will turn 6 this coming July. She would love to have that educational toy about the human body. My grandson meanwhile would love that drill set and the chocolate stationary. I just have to do a lot of convincing to tell him that they are made from chocolate.

  9. I have Sebby's birthday next month and have no idea what to get him, will have to see if it gives me some ideas

  10. Some really great gift ideas here. Cannot belive that the stationary set is edible, that is fabulous. But I totally agree with building toys being the best idea for man children and kids alike!

  11. I love Wicked Uncle and have used it lots in the last few months for birthday gifts.

  12. Some of these are really cool and would make excellent gifts, at the moment its challenging finding some presents instore so getting the right site can be useful

  13. What a superb selection of games, it's hard to come up with different presents ideas sometimes isn't it? I love the looks of some of these and must bookmark the page to remember for when we next have to get a present

  14. Not having kids I always struggle to buy for children, so this is great - I am all for the perfect tips to help me get the right gift!

  15. Some lovely ideas here especially love the wildlife detective set which is both fun and educational.

  16. Those are all wonderful options to choose from. I usually get my ideas based on what their interests are.

  17. There are some really great gift ideas here, as at the moment gifting can be difficult but this makes it much easier thank you xx