Sunday 30 August 2020

Back to School with Smiggle and the NEW Budz Range

**AD - Review**

After what has seemed like forever since the kids even stepped foot in the school playground, parents everywhere (myself included) are trying to get back into some sort of routine ready for back to school next week! I don't know about you but despite having several months to prepare, the whole back to school thing seemed to creep up on me in the last few weeks. I think perhaps a little bit of denial that the summer had zoomed by so fast and all our usual days out and holidays have been abandoned, or just that time just slipped on by as days merged into weeks. Whatever the reason this week I have found myself dashing around trying to get everything together for the kids to go back to school.

Whilst most of the school shopping bores the kids, one job they do enjoy helping with is picking their lunchboxes, backpacks and stationary etc, especially when it means a trip to Smiggle!

Now I can't say I blame them as even as a grown women I love a trip to Smiggle. The shop always feel's so cheery, happy and a great vibe so I can see why the kids always want everything they see. However with everything going on we have been trying our best not to take the kids into too many unnecessary shops, but the kids were more than happy to sit down and have a good browse through the Smiggle website to choose some bits instead.

As well as all of the usual amazingly colourful items have, this year for back to school they have a great new range to browse, the Budz collection. The collection has the usual happy Smiggle feel and the products come in a range of designs from Bunnies and Unicorn Kittens to Sharks and Dinosaurs.

Evelyn decided to pick a Lunchbox and Drink bottle from the Budz collection both in a very cute purple design. The Budz double decker lunchbox features two generous sized compartments, is BPA free and features a completely food safe lining. It is insulated and easy to wipe making it perfect for school and being able to give it a good clean at the end of each day and the bright design will make it easily recognisable for your child on any lunch trolley.

She also choose a large plastic water bottle from the Budz range which feels strong and sturdy, holding over 500ml of water it will certainly keep her hydrated during the school day.

James is heading into year 6 this year but still loves a trip to Smiggle. He already had a lunchbox that we brought when he went back for a few days before summer. So instead he opted to get not one, but two water bottles! One for school and one for swimming although he is a nightmare for leaving his water bottle in school and having to take a spare in the next day so I am sure they will both end up being used for school.

He choose these two bottle which I absolutely love! The Wonder Stainless steel drink bottle holds up too 500ml and thanks to the insulated metal it can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours, perfect for keeping drinks cold in the summertime at school. It has a traditional style top with a cap that screws on and off. The second bottle, the Sip stainless steel bottle, holds 530ml and unlike many other stainless steel bottles actually has a sip spout sports bottle style top. The double wall insulated metal body helps keep drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours too.

James also couldn't help but pick a few new bits of stationary for his pencil case. Whilst Evelyn doesn't have to take anything in yet as school provide stationary for them, James loves having his own set to choose from and will often use it for his homework too. He was so excited when he discovered that Smiggle do scented pencils and decided the "cookie" and "cola" scents sounded best. I have to admit these took me back to my days in school when we had the scented gel pens (who else remembers these!?) and the pencils from Smiggle smell exactly like cookies and cola which is amazing.

He also chose a sharpener with a pointed rubber on the end as well as a novelty hot dog rubber and a few other colouring pencils and pens.

Both kids loved picking their new bits for school from Smiggle and I think buying all the last few bits ready for back to school made it all so much realer for us all! Just 3 days left to go for us now and I think we are pretty much ready now (just the dreaded labelling to tackle now!).

Are you all ready for back to school? Did you take a trip to Smiggle to top up on any back to school products? If you did I would love to know what your kids chose in the comments below.


**We received a Smiggle gift card to enable us to purchase items for the purpose of this post. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**


  1. Those insulated bags look great, I might need to get one for my son now he’s at nursery!

  2. You can’t not love a Smiggle shopping spree. Their lunchboxes and rucksacks are amazing!

    Anything stationary though, I’m all over it! It’s a real haven for kids and adults alike!

  3. My daughter would have loved these when she was about 7 years old! She really liked Shopkins and they look like them

  4. Fresh school supplies are my very favourite thing! I have to admit that my taste has matured over the last few years, but I still find so much joy ordering a new diary and log books (I'm a researcher in a uni) every year. Nothing like the promise of a new notepad!

  5. Those cookie scented pencils sound incredible. I know I would have loved Smiggle when I was at school as I loved getting new stationary and bags etc x

  6. Kristine Nicole Alessandra5 September 2020 at 14:01

    I have never heard of scented pencils, so now I am wanting to have some! I did have some scented ball pens before and I loved it! Smiggle sure looks like a great place to shop for back to school items. Those steel water bottles would be perfect for my two sons who are actively engaged in sports. Even if they can't go out to practice right now, they'd still make good use of those drinking bottles when they do their exercises here at home.

  7. The Budz collection looks great! We love Smiggle, they always seem to have such wonderful products in store that my kids love.

  8. I have never heard of Smiggle before. Certainly looks like a fun place for back to school supplies!

  9. Both my kids love Smiggle products and these Budz range looks absolutely cool. My daughter had the lunch bag for her birthday but she is keen on getting the other items as well

  10. Oh my goodness, these look incredible, I really love the smiggle stuff, it is so cute and I know my daughter would absolutely love it too.

  11. Oh wow these all look like very cool back to school products. Love the insulated drinks bottle too x

  12. We love smiggle for school supplies . It’s definitely our go to for anything we need

  13. Looks like James and Evelyn have got some great supplies for returning to school. Hope they are enjoying being back. (Laura | Tales of a Natural Spoonie)