Thursday 10 September 2020

Animal Rescue with the Vet Squad **REVIEW**

**AD - Review**

Evelyn loves animals, I don't think she has a particular favourite animal she just loves them all! Her kind, caring and affectionate nature definitely lends itself well to this as she will sit for hours just chatting away and caring for our guinea pigs or her nanny's dogs and cats. She often talks about becoming a very and caring for animals, so when I heard about the Vet Squad range of toys I knew they would be a huge hit and a great way for her to get in some vet practice too! 

If you havent heard of them before the Vet Squad are a group of four friends, Ava, Emily, Yara and Robin who are always ready to head out and rescue any animals in need. They have their trusty pet companions by their side and a range of rescue missions to ensure no animals goes unreached. 

There are multiple products to collect including figures, injured animals and vehicle playsets so you can continue to add to your collection as you wish. These are the sets currently available -

Vet Squad Vet and Rescue Vehicle Set

The vet and rescue vehicle sets make a great starter set for those new to the Vet Squad as each set contains a vet, a vehicle, an injured animal and an accessory. There are four different vehicles to collect currently and these are the following -

Forest Rescue - Ava's Quadbike.

This set includes vet Ava, her quad bike which she can be sat in to drive along as well as an injured baby elephant who comes with a removable bandage as well as a bucket and sponge for healing any wounds. Vet Ava also has her trusty medical box on hand for any rescues which cleverly fits onto the back on the quadbike for easy transport.

Rescue Reef - Emily's Speedboat

This set includes Emily the vet, her speedboat to help her speed across the ocean to animals in need. It also comes with an injured sea turtle, bucket and sponge for healing injuries, a bandage and stethoscope. The near of the boat also folds down to help Emily the vet reach animals in the ocean and transport them back to land for treatment.

Helicopter Air Adventure - Robins Helicopter

This set includes Robin the vet, her rescue helicopter to help Robin fly quickly to animals in need and reach hard to access areas quickly and safely. Robin also comes with a purple headset that she can wear to communicate with the vets on the ground too. The set also comes with an injured pony, removable bandage, bucket and sponge and a handy kit box for all the medical supplies. The kit box also fits onto the helicopter so Robin has everything she needs even in the air. The propellers on the helicopter also spin and their is a movable winch on the bottom on the helicopter for winching up and hard to move animals such as the pony.

Safari Expedition - Yara's 4 x 4 Jeep

This set is the largest of all the vehicle set and as such is a little more expensive. However it comes with lots more accessories as well as an injured giraffe who has a bandaged neck! The 4 x 4 acts as a mobile vet unit and is when opened up is complete with a treatment and wash area and even an x-ray unit. Of course the set includes vet Yara too who is ready to rescue animals quickly on any type of surface. 

Vet and Pet Playset 

There are four vets to collect in the Vet Squad and the vet and pet sets are a great way to collect them all. The four different sets to collect arEmily with Brooke the dog, Yara with Luna the rabbit, Robin with Snowy the owl, and Ava with Leo the cat.

Each set also comes with a backpack for each vet to wear which included two accessories which clip onto the side of these backpack. The accessories match the pet each vet has so for the dog their is a bone, the rabbit a carrot etc. 

Assorted Injured Animals set

Of course a vet needs some animals to make better and these injured animal packs are perfect to add more animals to your collect. Each pack contains two animals who will have a variety of injuries. Lots of the animals will come with a removable bandage and a cut that using some cool technology so you can remove the cut/graze temporarily using heat, either by holding it or using warm water and the sponge included in the set.

There are lots of animals to collect so kids are sure to find some of their favourites in these sets.

Evelyn has absolutely loved playing with these sets and I have loved listening in to all the little stories she has been creating and rescue missions she has been creating for her little animals. Wanting to become  vet or having a bit love for animals is something a lot of kids (and grown ups) can relate too so I can see these toys being such a popular choice this year, not to mention just how adorable all the animals are.

Evelyn thought it was great that the animals all come with little cuts or grazes that you can make "better" by wiping over with warm water and a sponge (each animal comes with its own mini bucket and sponge for this) and the blood would disappear. We did have a little issue with this in that the buckets that come with the set are super tiny and the water needs to be quite warm to make the cut "disappear". We just couldn't get it to work with the bucket and sponge provided but Evelyn just used a slightly large bowl with warm water in and that worked perfectly.

Plus if they weren't already amazing enough, the Vet Squad have partnered up with the Charity Sea Life Trust and we think it is the perfect partnership. The Sea Life trust work tireless to protect the world's oceans and marine life as well as assisting in the rehabilitation of many sea creatures and marine animals.

Through the partnership, A donation from every Vet Squad pack sold will go towards helping the SEA LIFE Trust continue their work as well as supporting their two marine animal sanctuaries; the Beluga whale sanctuary in Iceland and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

Ranging in price between £3.99 and £16.99 making them really reasonable in price and perfect for birthday or Christmas gifts.

Do your kids love animals? If so do they have a favourite?


**We received the Vet Squad products shown above for the purpose of this review. However all words, opinions and images are my own.**

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