Tuesday 22 September 2020

Top Tips for Talking To Potential Buyers When Selling Your Home

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Technology and the internet is everyone now, it is a huge part of many peoples daily lives and is both convenient and helpful for many things. Almost all generations these days, will have some use of the internet in their day to day lives including using it when looking to buy a new home. Whether that be in your home town such as the Wirral or another local area. 

According to renowned letting agents such as wirral.co.uk, this is great news these days for estate agents, sellers and buyers. Being able to advertise a property online means you have more tools at your disposal that will allow you to showcase your property in the best light possible. 

Whilst being able to advertise a property online is helpful, it is always worth remembering that the internet cannot take away the value or face to face interactions with potential buyers and the advantages of that. Even if buyers have contacted you over the internet and have shown a lot of interest in your property, you cannot expect them to close the deal unless and until they come to visit your home in person. And when they do, you need to follow certain tips while talking to them in a bid to ensure that their interest over your property peaks. 

Here are some tips which may help you close the deal when it comes to selling your property – 

You should back your home value with market analysis and related facts

You should remember that you would need to set a practical asking price of your property and back it up with comparative market research, statistical facts and related information such as – 

·       Price of land 

·       Cost of living 

·       Connectivity 

·       Convenience, etc. 

Think of the above as tools that would allow you to justify the asking price of your home and convince the buyer that if they pay you the asking price, they will not be making a mistake. You want to fill your potential buyer with confidence that the property they are buying is worth the money and will not post any risks. 

When a potential buyer arrives in your home in a bid to see for themselves the property and its USPs, do not forget to keep talking to them, like a tour guide and keep on explaining the above-mentioned factors in a bid to justify the price of the property. Explain to them why the house is so great and point out any features which you feel add value to the home such as new windows or  newly fitted featuring such as bathrooms or kitchens. It is also important to allow them time to look around by themselves too, this gives them the chance to explore the home and imagine their own lives inside the house and some time to think about whether the purchase is right for them. 

Include details from the online listing description into your conversations 

You cannot run online marketing campaigns about your property without offering a detailed description of the property and what it has to offer. Remember, the description of your property on the online listing inadvertently answers the queries of the prospective buyers and is what will catch a potential buyers eye. This is why you need to ensure the description is well-crafted and properly highlights all that your home has to offer. 

When potential buyers come to your home you want to make them feel welcome, you could always start by telling them stories about the local area or having casual conversations with them. This will help your potential buyers feel at ease whilst learning more about the great things your local area has to offer. For instance, in case your home has a swimming pool or a patio, be sure to come up with interesting stories about them and tell them with enthusiasm to the buyer(s) in a bid to entice their imagination. Help your potential buyer imagine how their live could fit into your home. 

Talk about recent renovations or upgrades enthusiastically 

If you have spent time and money updating or renovating your home, be proud of it and let people know! If your home has been recently subjected to repairs, renovations or upgrades, these will have likely added value to your home and perhaps modenised it or made it easier to live in. These are all great selling points for a home and your buyers so make sure they are aware of them. On top of this, in case you find that the buyer is not convinced or would like proof, you can also offer them with documents that back up your claim so be sure to have these on hand. If you have done big jobs on your home this can save the potential buyer money and make the property feel more attractive. 

This is a great way to assure prospective buyer(s) that your home has high market value and they won’t be making a mistake if they buy the property after agreeing to your asking price.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, be sure to hire a renowned real estate agent as they will really be able to help you and support you when selling your home. As well as this, don’t forget to take part in the marketing strategy that the agent will be making to sell your home fast. Participating in the strategy-making process will allow you to gain insider knowledge, allowing you to have facts at your disposal. This will mean everyone is on the same page and you will have the best strategy at your hands  and all on the same page when negotiating and selling.  

Do you have any top tips that helped you sell your home? 


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  3. I've been on a few viewings in the past. The key from someone in the property industry is to not overdo it. Telling prospective buyers about transport links and distance to these can be useful.

  4. My folks are currently in the process of exchanging and there are some great tips here. First impressions and gut feelings count when choosing an agent too!

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