Tuesday, 13 October 2020

4 Berth Caravan Holidays with Bailey of Bristol

  **Sponsored post for Bailey of Bristol** 

Caravan holidays bring back such fond memories for me. I remember most of our holidays when I was younger being in 4 berth caravans across the UK. I remember them being the best holidays ever and that feeling has stuck with me way into my adult life. I was pretty lucky when I met my husband that he had a similar experience as a child, and so we were both so excited to be able to enjoy caravan holidays with our own kids as a family of our own. 

I don't know exactly what it is about caravans, but they just scream "family holiday" to me. That cosy comfort that only a caravan seems to offer and that real sense of "being on holiday". The kids love it too and we always giggle at trying to find our caravan and seeing who can guess which one we will be in first when we go to a holiday park. We even stayed in a caravan with a hot tub once which was pretty cool! 

Since we all love caravan holidays, purchasing one of our own has definitely been something we have considered. We see it as an investment that we can enjoy now with the kids, as we get older as a couple and even for the kids to use with their own little families later down the line when they are older.  

One place to consider when looking to purchase a caravan or motorhome is Bailey of Bristol. They have an amazing range of 4 berth caravans made with family, relaxation, and adventure in mind. Their caravans and motorhomes have everything you need to enjoy lots of exploring and a design to suit every family or couple. They have several ranges including the Discovery, Phoenix+, Unicorn Black Edition, Pegasus Grande SE and Alicanto Grande ranges with slightly different layouts and designs to suit different needs and wants. 

New Bailey caravans are built to last and withstand years of holidays and adventures. Made with the new Alu Tech construction system, the caravans are sturdy, strong, and ready for wherever you might want to go next. Alu-Tech is an all new approach to construction with the body shell of a caravan or motorhome using a unique interlocking aluminium framework to hold body panels together. In simple terms, Bailey created a shell that was much more durable, robust, and offered superior protection against the elements.

Using the Alu-Tech construction also means that the thicker, better insulated panels greatly improve the thermal performance of the body shell meaning you and your family will be kept much warmer whenever you decide to take a little break away. The great thing about using the Alu-Tech construction too is that it of course improves the overall body shell of your caravan, but it comes with no increased weight or costs just the knowledge that you have purchased a sturdy place to stay.


We have been looking at the 4 berth caravans and have fallen in love with a few, especially from the Unicorn Black Edition range which has some caravans perfect for family life. Complete with all the kitchen essentials as well as comfy beds, a spacious living area with huge windows to let in plenty of light and even a solar panel for off grid stays! Bailey of Bristol Caravans really have thought of it all when thinking about what is needed in a caravan, how to make the most of the space available and how to make everyone fall in love with a caravan holiday! 

If you are not quite convinced by the pictures online, Bailey of Bristol also has a Virtual Showroom where you can get a full 360º view of the vehicles without even leaving your living room. The 360º showroom offers a full view of any caravan or motorhome with handy information points throughout that you can click on to find out more information about a specific area, product, or feature of the vehicle. In times like these where some areas may be in lockdown or you may not feel totally safe to leave your home, the 360º showroom is a great alternative option. It really does feel like you are standing in the caravan or motorhome and lets you get a great feel for what it would be like to holiday in it! 

Even if you didn't want to use the 360º showroom to make a final decision on your vehicle, it can be a great way to narrow down your choices so you don't spend ages getting confused visiting loads of different caravans or motorhomes in one day! You can also keep an eye out on the Bailey of Bristol news and events page for up to date information about retailer events and blog posts relating to UK holidays and COVID-19.

Caravans and motorhomes are perfect for those who love to explore or just escape day to day life regularly. They can also be a great way to save money for those who go away regularly too as paying for a pitch is often a lot cheaper than a night in a hotel, even in school holiday times. I love the idea of being able to just pack up all our things, hitch up our caravan and just escape the daily grind of work, school and busy city life. 

Have you ever considered purchasing a caravan for your family to enjoy? 


**This is a collaborative post with Bailey of Bristol.**


  1. I used to love caravan holidays when I was little, we have had a few in recent years but they were a static caravan that my in laws owned

  2. I used to love going caravanning as a child, I had some of the best summers and still have lots of fond memories of them even now! After the craziness of this year, I can see people taking holidays in the UK more and what better way than to go caravanning! Sim x

  3. There is nothing quite like a caravan holiday is there? I can see a lot of people going back to having caravan holidays for the next few years with everything going on.

  4. Caravan holidays scream family holidays to me too! I loved holidaying in a caravan when I was younger, Me and Steve actually owned one about 10 years ago and would love to own another one day.

  5. We have thought lots about buying a caravan, we love travelling and I think it would give us so much freedom. I'd be looking at a 6pm berth one though so I'll have a look at this company for ideas, thank you!

  6. With so many people taking to staycations to vacation local this year and next, it is time I guess that we took the plunge and purchase a caravan ourselves. Bailey of Bristol looks like a great place to get a caravan.

  7. With so many people taking to staycations to vacation local this year and next, it is time I guess that we took the plunge and purchase a caravan ourselves. Bailey of Bristol looks like a great place to get a caravan.

  8. I love the look of Bailey's four berth caravans and now could be a good time to invest in one, to make the most of all those UK staycations!