Friday 13 November 2020

Care Bear Plush Toys from Basic Fun **REVIEW**

 **AD - Review**

Who remembers Care Bears from their childhood? The lovable Care Bears which were first made in the 80's were one of my favourite teddies as a child growing up in the 90's and so I was so excited to see that Basic Fun have released a new range of plush Care Bears to go alongside the tv series over on Tiny Pop, so now my own kids can now enjoy Care Bears as much as I did! 

The Care Bears are very similar to the original bears and the new range features a 14" and 9" range of Care Bear characters as well as a 16" Bedtime Care Bear. I love that the range has stayed close to the originals with a nice nod to nostalgia but with a modern twist, most notably being that their faces are a little different in design. But each bear still comes in a bright colours and and fun belly motif. 

We received a couple of Care Bears to try out and Evelyn was instantly drawn to just how soft these bears are (they are SO soft!). There are 6 character bears to collect (plus the bedtime bear) and each one has a different character and motif, here are the bears you can collect in this range - 

There are six 14" bears to collect in the characters mentioned below. They are the perfect size for cuddling up to and feel super soft too. They are available from Smyths and each bear is priced at £14.99.

Cheer BearTM is a very happy Care BearTM who helps others see the bright side of life.  She will sometimes even do a cheer to help make someone happier!  Wherever she goes, Cheer BearTM wears a belly badge of hope and happiness—a colourful rainbow.

Tenderheart BearTM is a loving and lovable bear who knows a lot about helping others share their feelings.  By helping people show they care, Tenderheart BearTM spreads love and makes it grow.  He has the perfect belly badge for his job—a heart filled with love.

Funshine BearTM Is playful and works hard to make sure that everyone is having a good time. His sense of humour makes him the life of any party and he really knows how to have fun. Fun shine Bear’s belly badge reflects his sunny disposition – a bright yellow sun with an ever-present smile.

Good Luck BearTM is loaded with luck and good things follow him wherever he goes.  You might say he leads a charmed life!  The four-leaf clover on Good Luck Bear’s belly badge lets us know that when he’s nearby, there’s plenty of luck to go around!

Grumpy BearTM may be a bit of a grouch, but his grumpiness reminds us that it’s okay to be grumpy sometimes – as long as it doesn’t last too long.  Grumpy Bear’s tummy symbol—a rain cloud with falling hearts—is a reminder that even when we’re less than cheery, we are still loved by those closest to us.

Share BearTM If she has it, she’ll share it! Carefree and loving, Share BearTM is happiest when she’s with her friends – or baking! She loves sharing so much that she shows it with her belly badge – two heart-shaped lollipops!

These bears are perfect for cuddling up to, joining kids on a big adventure or just being there for a hug when needed. Each 14" Care Bear also comes with a special coin which contains a thoughtful message on. We also love the addition of the coin in these as a lovely added extra, they can either be collected or passed on to a friend who may be feeling down or having a hard time. 

Evelyn chose to give her coin to her best friend at school who was feeling sad, and I think teaching our kids young about kindness is such a great idea and in such a kid friendly way too. The messages on each coin are very sweet too. 

The 9" bears are smaller in size but still have all the same lovable Care Bear features, super soft fur and adorable motifs on their tummies. Their smaller size also makes them perfect for kids to carry around on the go, to pop into a backpack for a sleepover or just have to hand whenever they need a cuddle. The 9" bears are available in the same characters as above from The Entertainer and are priced at £8.00 each. 

Bedtime Bear is a slightly larger Care Bear at 16" in size, his fur is also slightly longer making him the perfect snuggly companion for bedtime, his sleepy expression certainly made us feel ready for bed. His soft dreamy aqua toned fur gave us really dreamy vibes and Evelyn has insisted on taking him to bed since he arrived. He is the perfect size for cuddling in bed without him getting lost! 

The Bedtime Bear is currently available from John Lewis and is priced at £19.99.

Evelyn especially loved these bears, and we love the idea of the bears all having different emotions, it offered up a great chance to talk to the kids about our different emotions and how it is ok to be sad or happy or excited etc. They are some of the softest plush toys we have ever had too making them the perfect snuggly companions and Evelyn has been cuddling up to hers since they arrived! 

I love that they still look like Care Bears but with a modern twist that hasn't strayed too far from the original. It is always great to see your own kids enjoying a childhood toy that you loved so much! The Care Bears feel well made and we will definitely be collecting the whole set. 

Do you remember Care Bears? Which was or is your favourite character bear? 


**We received the Care Bear plush toys shown above for the purpose of this review. However, all words and opinions are my own and I retain full control of this post. **

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  1. Ahh! I used to love Care Bears when I was a kid. It's lovely to see they are still popular now. They are very cute and it looks like Evelyn loves them x