Tuesday 10 November 2020

Keeping the Family Entertained with a Games Room During Lockdown


So, we’re back at home and lockdown 2.0 (as it has been named) has begun. Although this time is a little different as the kids are still going to school and as per last lockdown I’m working from home. Whilst I am pleased for the kids that they are still able to go to school, see their friends and be actively learning, finding things to keep the kids busy during the weekend is starting to be a more and more difficult task as time goes by.

Whilst it sounds crazy to say, during the last lockdown since we couldn't do anything  including school it was easier to explain to the kids. However it is hard to try and explain to younger kids especially how they can go to school in the week but not see their friends on a weekend!

Of course it does make it easier in the week as once school is over, homework done, books read, dinner eaten, it is pretty much time for a bath, book and bed. However, unlike the last lockdown when we were able to get outside lots and enjoy the beautiful summer sunshine, this lockdown is in the cold and wet autumn weather. It has meant that whilst we are still able to enjoy a brisk autumn walk I have had to try and find things that we can do indoors instead. 

One thing we have found to do together as a family is play board games and card games. It has provided some great screen free entertainment that we have all been able to get involved with including the adults and kids. It got me thinking about how if we had the space I would love to be able to create a games room to keep everyone entertained!

Plus, when this is all over, a games room is the perfect room to keep and visitors happy and entertained! If a games room seems like the right addition to your home, but you’re not sure how to do it, I’ve partnered up with Hamilton Billiards, snooker table manufacturer and restorer, to put together some ideas to create the perfect games room.

Think about the games.

First and foremost, think about what games you’ll want to have. After all, it’s a games room – they’re the centrepiece of the room. This is a task for the whole family to talk about. Do you want traditional games? Do you want modern games? Or perhaps a mix of both? Personally I think have a great range of games is a good idea as there will be something for everyone as well as giving people a chance to try new games and find new favourites too!

However, if I were to choose between the two, I’d be more inclined to pick traditional games. Traditional games, as Motherhood The Real Deal mentions on this article, “offer much more than fun family time, these games can help kids develop essential skills, such as cooperation, respect, teamwork, competition, creativity, strategy and social skills.”

When I think about a games room with lots of space I think the perfect games room would have a bespoke snooker table in the middle that could turn into a normal table to play card games, board games and other games plus, a little corner dedicated to the modern games and plenty of the classics dotted around too. If you are looking for the right snooker table for your home or games room, you could look at buying a snooker table online from Hamilton Billiards. Hamilton Billiards have recently revamped their website into a Magento 2 store built by Magento eCommerce designers in London, Ad Lab, to give their customers the best user experience possible.

Think about the room.

After picking the games, you will have to consider how you want the room to look. You could try adding colours from your favourite games that you want to integrate into the d├ęcor of the room, lighting, furniture and some accessories too. If you are going for a themed games room look, try to get everything to tie in together with matching accessories in the theme or same colours so everything matches and gels well within the room. 

90’s themed games room? Count me in. Maybe the younger ones would prefer a futuristic games room? Before you start it is a good idea to brainstorm some ideas so everyone gets an input and you end up with a room you will all want to spend time in. If you are on a budget, this article on Fashion Mommy recommends buying second hand furniture on websites, such as Freecycle, and then upcycling these pieces and making them your own which is a great tip for saving money and still ending up with a fantastic games room. 

Of course if you don't have the space for a games room that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a family games night! All you need is a little space, perhaps a small coffee table or dining room table and some fun family friendly games. Over lockdown we definitely found a new love for board games as a family and found them a great way to get the kids away from the screens and spending some good quality time together than is inexpensive and fun! 

Would you ever consider creating a games room or do you and your family enjoy playing board games? If so let me know in the comments below which are your favourite family friendly games. 


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