Thursday 5 November 2020

Setting up the Perfect Study Space for your Child at Home

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By setting up a dedicated study space in your house, where your child can complete their homework and exam revision, you could be helping them really focus on their school work and overall success. On the other hand though, if they are trying to complete their schoolwork in a communal area of the house, where other people are chatting or watching TV, they could struggle to concentrate and therefore not perform to the best of their abilities. But what makes a study space “perfect”? 

I have teamed up with a grammar school in the UK to explore.  




Whether an adult or a child, we all work better when the lighting in the room is natural, as opposed to artificial. It helps keep the brain alert and boosts productivity, unlike artificial lighting which can lead to eye strain and headaches. With that said, try and set up your child’s desk near a window or another source of natural light and when this cannot be achieved or your child may be study in the evening where there isn't much natural light, a good day light or natural light lamp can be a great purchase.  


No Distractions 


Whilst we obviously don't want our kids to be secluded, a busy space can be very distract and often counter intuitive to studying. The study space should be completely free from distractions, like a TV or a games console and siblings who may be too distracting. Your child will not be able to concentrate on the task at hand if they know that something more exciting is within arm’s reach. What’s more, the rest of the family should respect your child’s study time and try not to interfere, although it is important to remind your child they are able to come and ask for your advice at any time and of course can stop and have a break at any time too. 




Try and keep the study space tidy and organised. Your child needs to know where to find all of their books and other study material without having to search the house. It will also help to clear away any clutter, which might mean you need to invest in some storage boxes.  That doesn't mean your child cannot make the space their own though and it is equally as important that your child enjoys being in their study space and is comfortable in it too. Perhaps once the area is set up you could suggest choosing a few small bits to go on or around their study space such as pictures or stationary they really love. 




If your child’s desk chair is uncomfortable, they will struggle to sit in it for long periods of time and won’t be able to focus on their schoolwork. It is also important to remember that children are always growing and so it is important their neck and back is properly support, especially if they will using their study space regularly and over longer periods of time. When buying furniture for the study, make sure it is comfortable and also the right size for the person who is going to be using it. This might mean the chair needs to be adjustable. The best things to do would be to take your child along with you when you choose and let them try out the different chairs to ensure you find the perfect one for them.  Maybe add some plants and/or photo frames to the room to make it feel more personal and cosy.

The most important thing to remember is that the space is for your child, so get them involved when planning, picking out furniture and deciding on the best study spot. If they arent happy they arent going to be productive and that defeats the whole point. Ensure your child knows this isn't a punishment and that the space is set up to give them their own space and time to study when they wish rather than being distracted. It should be a fun, happy space that your child enjoys being in. 

Do you have a dedicated space for your child to study or is it something you have considered? 


**This is a collaborative post.**

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