Wednesday 11 November 2020

Using Wall Art To Transform The Feel Of Your Home

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Our homes are our safe place, they are our own little sanctuary and the space where we can come home after a long day and relax in. So of course we want them to look the best they can do and many people love to add bold wallpaper or stylish furniture to their home to make it look great and to express their personalities. But one thing I feel is often missed when we decorate our homes is the power of art and how using it wisely can help transform our home's. 

The right piece of artwork can totally transform a room and really bring it to life. It can also dictate the entire mood of a room as well as tie in other elements of a room, so when you really think about it art is a pretty clever way to transform any room in your home. So today I wanted to share below some different ways in which you could add art to your home to help completely transform the way a room looks and feels and things to consider when deciding on which wall art to chooce. 

Creating a Focal Point 

Framed pictures and photos are probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to hanging things on our walls in a room, but what about framed art prints? Framed art prints can be a great way to add a focal point in a room and can either stand alone or be mixed with your own photographs or pictures. One design that has become popular more recently is creating gallery walls, which are entire walls that are transformed into a eye catching and impressive focus to a room. 

Gallery walls are real eye catchers and as well as adding lots of colour and design to a wall the frame you choose will also add shape to an otherwise plain wall too. Another great reason to choose framed art prints for your home is that they are easy to hang and can also be moved around until you are completely satisfied. The frame itself helps keep the artwork inside safe and clean too. 

Think About Your Wall Colour

If you want your art to really pop and stand out, placing it on a wall that already has a busy wallpaper on or has lots of bright colours, it may actually detract from your art instead of making it shine. Instead try placing your art on a clean, neutral wall away from any distractions or fussy prints. 

If you already have plain walls but lots of colourful furniture or accessories then art prints can also be a great way to tie all of those colours or a certain theme together. This could be by choosing art which contains similar colours or a similar theme to the one you are looking to create. With so much variety to choose from when it comes to art there is always something to suit any colour scheme or theme so you won't have to worry about finding something to match. 

Consider the Purpose of the Room the Art is Going in

Hanging a beautiful large framed print or piece of canvas art may look perfect in a living room space or a large open area, however it may not be the best idea for a smaller bedroom area or for a kids bedroom for example. However that doesn't mean that these rooms can't still feature art, it just means you have to consider how you add art into these rooms. 

One way of adding art into a kids bedroom for example is through posters. You can get some beautiful art pieces in poster form now that are perfect for bedrooms and really inexpensive and affordable too. Forget about those old posters we as teens ripped out of our favourite magazines, posters have moved on and now showcase some amazing art from artists and musicians to brands, cartoons and some beautiful abstract art. 

Similarly you can even add art into spaces like the bathroom ( I love seeing beach or seaside pictures and art in bathrooms!) just remember to consider the space you have available and the theme/look you are trying to create. 

Turning Your Own Photo's Into Art

If you wanted to really personalise the art in your home you could always look at turning your own photos into art to hang in your home! This could be in the form of family pictures, holiday snaps or your photos of nature or personal things that you have taken and really love. 

There are many companies out there now that can transform good quality images into prints, posters, canvases or framed prints which can then be placed inside of home to really give a personal feel to your art. To do this though you will need to have a decent camera as when images get bigger, poor quality images may become grainy or blurred and of course that doesn't look great. However if you have a keen eye for taking photos then this is definitely an option to consider. 
I truly believe that the most important thing to remember when adding art to your home is you! The art you choose should reflect your likes, your personality and the feel that you want in your home. Try not to get drawn into what is "popular", instead choose pieces of art that call out to you and don't be afraid to experiment with your art either. Try placing it in different places and in a variety of sizes, you will know when it feels "right". 

Whilst any artwork you choose reflects the artists thoughts and feelings, your choice of artwork also says a lot about you too. It provides a great talking point in your home when visitors come around and provides an engaging piece to start conversations and engage people in conversation around different topics. So when choosing the artwork for your home be sure to take time to choose carefully to make sure you truly love the art you pick. 

Do you have any artwork in your home? 


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