Sunday 13 December 2020

Christmas Lights and a Drive Around the Silverstone Circuit!

There isn't much that has been "normal" about the run up to this Christmas has there? Plans have had to be cancelled, family gatherings banned and many of us facing the prospect of spending Christmas isolating or without family. I hold my hands up and admit I have been finding the whole situation very hard, I know Christmas is "only" one day and all that, but the rest of the year we have just muddled on through. However having so many plans cancelled, traditions abandoned and knowing that our Christmas celebrations with family just won't be the same this year makes it so hard to just brush aside.

Looking at the Christmas lights is one thing me and the kids love doing as Christmas approaching. I love seeing all of the beautiful bright lights lighting up the dark skies and entire streets and it never fails to make me feel all warm and Christmassy inside. But of course with many people facing a much different Christmas this year, lots of people have scaled back lights this year or not bothered at all. 

So when I spotted that Silverstone were creating their very own "Lapland" light show this year, I excitedly signed up for the pre-registration to try and get my hands on some tickets! 

Now I won't lie, when the time came to buy the tickets, I think Silverstone may have seriously underestimated just HOW excited everyone would be for this event, or exactly how many people would be desperately trying to book tickets! It meant the site crashed and despite waiting and patiently trying to buy tickets all day, I couldn't get my hands on any at a time that would be suitable for the kids. BUT fate must have been on our side as after realising just how popular the event was going to be Silverstone released more tickets and we managed to get our hands on some this time. 

I don't know who was more excited if I am honest, the kids about seeing the light show or my husband about getting to drive on THE actual Silverstone Grand Prix track, that Lewis Hamilton himself has driven on. 

As soon as we arrived the atmosphere was fantastic, a festive buzz in the air, cars decorated with lights, tinsel and decorations galore, even a pit stop where you could buy food, use the toilet and get ready to join the track. It is also worth noting that every member of staff we encountered during our time at Silverstone were amazing. They really added to the Christmas atmosphere with their festive hats, massive smiles and friendly waves to the kids at every turn. 

Once our allotted time began we joined the track and started our slow roll around the track began led by the security cars. There is a 5mph speed limit in place and strictly no over taking so you get plenty of time to take everything in, even if you are the driver. To begin with there is an array of captivating snow globes filled with a variety of objects including gingerbread men, presents and even a motorbike to show off the Silverstone style and roots. As you continue round you will also spot some classic and modern cars, all of which have driven the Silverstone circuit, my husband loved seeing these! 

Then began the light show, a spectacular show of lazers, lights, smoke and even fire with something to see everywhere you look! The lights literally lit up the night sky and of course the kids loved the fact they could hang out of their windows trying to touch the lights as we crept through. You drive around the track at 5mph and leave a 10 car gap in between you and the car in front. There are plenty of safety marshalls as you drive around the make sure everyone is ok, sticking to the rules and to help if you were to break down etc. 

The whole track drive takes around 30-40 minutes and there is something to see the whole time you drive around. The experience ends with a drive past a Father Christmas who is safely nestled inside a gigantic snow globe and enthusiastically waving to all the kids as we drove by. My husband was beaming ear to ear that he had gotten to drive on the circuit and on some of the icon parts of the track too including the maggots and beckets, hanger straight, club corner and the international pit straight to name a few. I think the highlight of the track for him was also getting to stop in the poll position on the start finish line, something he says he will remember forever! 

We loved the whole experience and would highly recommend taking a trip if you are looking for something to do that is fun and safe over the festive season. You can still book tickets as the event is running until the 10th January, you can book tickets via the Silverstone website.

Do you know someone who would love to drive the Silverstone track or who is really missing all the Christmas lights this year? 



  1. Oh this looks absolutely amazing! The girls would of loved something like this , if only we lived closer

  2. This looks like a wonderful time!! I know this year has been such a drag, but seeing events like this make me realize how resilient we all are. We have really made the best of it! Happy New Year!

  3. This is such a nice idea, and exciting that you get to drive on the track that F1 drivers do. I want to take my fiance to Silverstone to the museum and experience when it's open again x

  4. We don't live too far from Silverstone and this would have been an amazing thing to see for the festive period.

  5. What a fantastic event! Perfect for both kids and adults as you can do it while still staying in the car and keeping your distance.

  6. We all really wanted to go to this but couldn't get tickets - hopefully next year!