Monday 21 December 2020

Make Christmas Shopping Easy This Year With Very

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Who has started their Christmas shopping yet? With this year being such a strange one and with some restrictions meaning shops have been closed this year, I have been trying to get organised and get ahead this year by starting mine early. I've also done lots of my Christmas shopping online this year to avoid having to visit shops unnecessarily and one shop I have found to have a fantastic range of gift ideas is Very

Not only do they have some fantastic offers on some of the most popular toys and games this year, they also offer flexible payment options. On Very you will find a huge range of products and gift ideas for men, women and kids. The prices are competitive with other stores and online shops and they can often offer really quick delivery too (perfect for that bit of last minute Christmas shopping!). So when Very recently reached out and offered us the chance to choose a few items for the kids and help share their huge toy range this Christmas I jumped at the chance. With so many great products I wanted to share with you just some of the amazing items on offer and hopefully help you with a little inspiration for Christmas.

L.O.L Surprise O.M.G Remix 4 in 1 Plane Playset - £89.99

If you have any L.O.L surprise fans in your house this Christmas the 4 in 1 plane is a perfect gift idea. It is the ultimate accessory for any L.O.L surprise doll collector and is absolutely huge with so many play possibilities. 

Get ready for take off as this transforming playset is a 4-in-1 plane, car, recording studio and mixing booth all in one!  Inside the box kids will find and unbox 50 surprises including working lights and sounds, drinks cart, wheelie suitcases and even overheard storage compartments. The 4 in 1 plane is designed to fit both the L.O.L Surprise dolls and the L.O.L surprise O.M.G dolls so all of their collection can travel and play in style. 
The plane can fit up to 4 dolls plus a pilot's seat! They dolls can even enjoy a snooze, because the seats can recline! Once kids have finished flying their dolls through the air they can pull out the seating area to reveal a car to whizz them to their next destination. Or if the dolls are in the mood for a party, detach the side of the plane to create a mixing booth and recording studio with real working lights. 

Barbie Princess Adventures Prance and Shimmer Horse - £54.99

Barbie is such a classic household name when it comes to toys and it doesn't matter how old or young you are, most of us will have a memory of having a barbie (or Ken!) doll at some point in our childhood. And it is definitely true when they say the classics never get old with this beautiful Barbie set below. It combines the classic Barbie doll with a magical white prancing and shimmering horse. 

The Barbie princess adventures prance and shimmer horse set is ready to transport kids to a magical land full of imaginative play. The horse comes with 3 original songs from the Barbie princess adventure as well as over 25 different light and sound combinations. Plus a range of realistic actions such as nuzzling and prancing this fantastic set really does bring imagination to life. With a simple touch of the horses tiara the hooves, tiara and bridle light up as it nuzzles and neighs. Alternatively touching the button near the horses tail and tilting the horse onto its hind legs will activate a captivating light show as well as dancing along to a tune. 

The Barbie in this set wears a majestic dress fit for a princess and has posable knees so she can sit on top of the horse and slip her feet into the stirrups to ride away onto the next royal adventure. 

Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set - £49.99

As kids get older they can get harder and harder to buy for, especially when it seems like all they are into is tech (believe me I know how that feels with my 11 year old!). However I always look out for toys that will get him away from the screen and get his brain working whilst having fun and Gravitrax certainly ticks all the boxes for us. 

With this fantastic starter set from Ravensburger, kids can use their imagination to build amazing tracks before setting the gravity spheres rolling around it. This STEM interactive track system helps to teach kids about a wide range of things including movement, gravity, magnetism, kinetics and energy without them even realising they are learning. Kids can choose to either freestyle a track straight from their imaginations or use one of the predesigned blueprint tracks included in the set. There are varying levels of difficulties when it comes to the tracks but all are great fun! 

The starter set shown above comes complete with over 100 components full of possibilities and creativity. It includes 1x Set of Instructions, 1x Set of Blueprint, 1x Exercise booklet, 4x Card Bases, 2x Transparent levels, 6x Gravity Spheres, 3x Long Rails, 6x Medium Rails, 9x Short Rails, 1x Magnetic Cannon, 21x Curved Bases, 3x ‘X’ intersection Bases, 1x Vortex Base, 2x ‘Y’ Points Bases, 1x End target, 1x 3-in-1 Base, 4x Bases for inserts, 1x 3 Way Starter Base Insert, 2x Catcher Base Inserts, 2x Switches, 1x Base Insert, 1x Free Fall Base Insert, 1x Target Base Insert, 40x Large Vertical Tiles, 12x Small Vertical Tiles.

Plus there are also a range of other sets you can purchase in the Gravitrax range to expand your tracks and the possibilities really are endless when it comes to being creative with track building. 

Fortnite Last Laugh Bundle for XBOX One - £24.99 

Tech is everywhere nowadays and there is often no escaping it, especially when it comes to our kids! Most commonly our kids love their consoles and so buying games and accessories for this usually goes down a winner! One game that has been a hugely popular this year has been Fortnite and Very has a great range of add on's for the game such as this "Last Laugh" bundle. 

It comes complete with The Joker Outfit, Laugh Riot Back Bling, Bad Joke Harvesting Tool, The Joker's Revenge Harvesting Tool, Pick a Card Emote, Poison Ivy Outfit, Back Bloom Back Bling, Ivy Axe Harvesting Tool, Midas Rex Outfit, Midas Crest Back Bling, Kingmaker Harvesting Tool, and 1,000 V-Bucks. All of which can be loaded into the game and used during play. 

Barbie Fashionistas - Barbie and Wheelchair Set - £16.99

As I mentioned above, when it comes to buying gifts Barbie is a classic and over more recent years they have been working hard to use the Barbie doll to celebrate diversity and real people with their unique fashion dolls. This includes dolls in different shapes, sizes and dolls that encourage real world storytelling, open ended dreams and real people in real life situations! 

One doll in the range is the below Barbie complete with her own manual wheelchair. The doll inspires new play possibilities with a manual working wheelchair as well as normalising the use of wheelchairs and showing how they work. It also opens up a way for many discussions and is the perfect way to spark a child's creativity and imagination with new stories and play scenarios. For children who may need to use a wheelchair it is also amazing to be able to see a Barbie use a wheelchair too! The wheelchair can be used in play and has rolling wheels as well as a working break. The set also comes with a ramp too. 

L.O.L Surprise O.M.G Dolls - £31.99

L.O.L Surprise has swept kids toy boxes and homes everywhere and the O.M.G Dolls are the latest dolls to become super popular. There are a range of series out now and we love them all! The dolls come with 20 surprises in each box and just like the smaller L.O.L Surprise dolls the fun starts with the unboxing. However unlike the smaller dolls where what doll you receive is a complete surprise, the O.M.G dolls can be seen via the picture and name clearly labelled on the front. This helps to eliminate spending out on doubles and means you can easily collect all of the dolls without duplicates. 

Each box comes complete with a O.M.G doll, a full outfit, shoes and even accessories all stored within fun and colourful garment bags and hat boxes ready to be unboxed. The box itself even turns into a fun changing room that can be kept and used for play with the dolls too. The dolls shown below are from Series 3 and there are 4 dolls in this series to collect. 


Pure2Improve Hands Free Football Training Aid - £14.99

If your child loves football or is forever kicking a ball around then the Pure2Improve hands free football training aid makes the perfect gift that will not only help them improve their ball skills, but will stop all of their footballs ending up over the fence too! 

The Pure2Improve trainer features a comfortable and fully adjustable neoprene waistband that will fit from 66cm-112cm wait sizes. It features an quick re-coil to really help with ball control practice as well as having an instant locking cord feature which is perfect for close control training. The universal holder will fit all standard size footballs (which are not included) so your child can always use their favourite ball. The kinetic elastic cord can stretch up to 5 meters and is ideal for kids who love a kick around but not chasing after their ball or for those who perhaps have a smaller garden space as this can be used almost anywhere. 

So there are some of our picks but honestly, there are so many great ideas over on Very it was hard to choose! Whether you have a child who loves tech, an outdoor adventurer, a future artist or craftsperson or just a little ones with a huge imagination you will definitely be able to find something for everyone on Very this Christmas. 

Why not go take a peek at the Very toy range here and let me know which toys you think your little ones would love to find waiting for them under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning this year. 


**This is a collaborative post, we received the toys featured above for the purpose of this post. However all words, opinions and images are my own and I retain full control of this post.**


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