Thursday 11 March 2021

10 Lockdown Activities to Inspire Creativity

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Many of us have found ourselves with lots more spare time on our hands over the last year or so due to lockdown, furlough and restrictions, and people have found some great ways to fill that time. From studying to finding a new career path, getting fitter, stronger or losing weight and even trying their hand at new crafts and finding new hobbies. 

I have to admit that whilst the chance to be at home with the kids was nice for the first few weeks, we all soon got pretty bored and so I started looking at ways I could use my time a little more wisely, a little more creatively. There were a few things I wanted to try such as watercolour painting and geo caching with the kids and the spare time lockdown gave us was a great chance to try these out. 

I know that many people have been in the same position so I wanted to share with you 10 lockdown activities that could help inspire your creativity.

Watercolour painting

I have always found painting and drawing quite relaxing but one thing I had never tried up until recently was watercolour painting. I love the look of watercolour and how it flows across the page so when I found myself with some spare time I ordered some bits online and got started. I thoroughly have enjoyed trying my hand at it and would really recommend it for anyone looking to try something to help their creativity flow. 

Watercolour is completely different to other mediums but as the paint is so fluid and easy to use it is perfect for everyone, even beginners. If you are unsure of how to start you could try watching YouTube tutorials or even just packing up your watercolour products and taking them with you on a walk and just painting what you see. Remember art, drawing and painting are all about your own interpretation, there really is no right or wrong so just let the brush do its thing and enjoy the process. 


Since walking has been one of the few things we have still been allowed to do during lockdown many of us have found some comfort in being able to get outside. But have you ever thought about how walking could help encourage your creativity? Well there are many ways but one of my favourites to do with the kids has been creating pictures from things in nature during our walks. 

Picking up leaves, twigs, flowers and even rocks we have found during our walks and then creating pictures on open grass or mud areas. Not only does it allow you to get creative with nature but it will probably make others smile when they see the creations during their walks too. 

Home improvements 

Lockdown has been the perfect time to tackle those home improvements we have all been putting off right? But once you have finished all those little jobs why not go one step further and start a new project or take on a big home improvement you have been putting off. It could be something like reupholstering chairs or sanding down and then varnishing a piece of furniture such as a table or cupboard. 

Maybe you have always thought about completely changing a room around or building more storage. If so now is the perfect time to put your own creative touches into your home with lots of home improvements and home DIY projects. 

Create your own artwork

Having artwork around our homes can really make it feel more personal, it is perfect for bringing in colour as well as showcasing your own personality, but what about creating your own artwork? It really isn't as hard as you think and can be the perfect creative way to bring some of "you" into your home. 

I recently created some really abstract watercolour paintings, nothing fancy just beautiful colours blended together to create things that resemble moments such as sunset, or a beautiful ocean. I then plan on using the free font collection from Font Bundles to add inspirational quotes on top of them. Not only is it easy and fun to do but you will have some super unique artwork to hang around your home or even gift to friends you are missing. 

Learn a new skill or try an online qualification

Before lockdown I had thought about becoming a swimming teacher or coach. I had found the courses, looked into what I needed etc but something just always got in the way, work or school or some kind of club or activity. But with all of that on hold during lockdown now is actually the perfect time to look at doing a course to gain new qualifications or learn a new skill. With many places such as the open university offering online courses these can still go ahead and even places that would usually operate from a building are now switching up to offer courses or at least part of the course online so you can get started. 

Why wait? You never know that new skill or qualification could open up a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities, just believe in yourself you can do it! 


Self care has always been important but at a time when we are putting so much stress and worry on ourselves it is even more important than ever. Why not get creative and transform a room in your home into a home spa, you could even get the kids involved if they love a bit of pampering! You could make your own scrubs, face masks and fruit smoothies to enjoy too. 


Writing can be a fantastic creative and emotional outlet and there are plenty of ways you can explore writing. This could be writing a blog, a journal or perhaps even your own book, it could even be something as simple as a bullet diary or as beautiful as inspirational quotes that you could combine with your drawings or artwork. 

I often find that writing is a great release for me, especially when I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed by something. Just being able to type how I am feeling out and physically see it can really help me clear my mind so if you have been feeling stressed recently, writing could be a great release for you too. 

Starting a scrapbook 

The last year has been such a strange time full of so many emotions, it has been so sad not seeing friends and family but for many it has also given them time with their immediate family they may not have other wise had. Or maybe you have another special time in your life lockdown has made you think of. The birth of a child, wedding, holiday etc if so why not create a scrapbook? Fill it with lots of photos and you could even write your memories down inside it. If you have things like dried flowers, pieces of lace from a dress, baby birth bracelets etc these can all be stuck in. 

When it comes to scrapbooking there is no right or wrong way to do it, its just a case of letting your imagination run wild and creating a book full of amazing memories for you, your children and even their children to look back on in years to come.


When I started blogging and taking my own photos for my blog I fell a little bit in love with photography. That feeling of being able to capture a moment in time and then be able to treasure it forever is amazing. When we look at photos then evoke emotions, feelings and can transport us to a different time or even place just by looking at a photograph. I absolutely love that idea and have been taking little steps to improve my photography ever since then. 

If photography is something that interests you too why not use this time to look more closely into it. With so many of us going out on more daily walks now it is the perfect time to just grab your camera (or even a phone with a good camera on it) and just snap as you walk. Take pictures of anything and everything you see that captures your eye and don't be afraid to play around with settings, angles and lighting. 

If you decide you really do love take photos you could even look online at taking up a course to improve your new skills or there are lots of free YouTube tutorials that can help too. 

Learn to play an instrument 

This is a bit of a classic but if you love music or have always wanted to learn to play an instrument then now is the perfect time to get creative and take the plunge! From guitar to piano, violin to saxophone there are so many interested instruments so why not take up the challenge and learn to play one? With lockdown putting a stop to many in face classes and lessons lots of musicians and music teachers are now offering online lessons so all you will need is the instrument you want to learn and a computer to get started. 

Which instrument would you love to learn to play? For me it would be guitar or piano!

So there you have it, 10 different ways you can get creative this lockdown. From taking care of yourself, finding a new hobby, tackling a DIT project or learning something completely new. Whilst taking up one of these might not end the lockdown any quicker, it might just make it that little more bearable and that has to be a win right? 

Let me know in the comments what activities you have been up to during lockdown below, have you learning a new skill, taken up a new hobby or just enjoyed the time to relax and practice some more self care? 


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