Thursday 25 March 2021

Keeping Safe as Lockdown Restrictions are Lifted

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After an entire year of lockdown restrictions and various other tiered restriction systems so many of us (myself included) are looking forward to lockdown and restrictions being lifted over **hopefully** the coming months. Being able to see friends and family, plan day trips and maybe even a summer holiday is what is getting many of us through this latest lockdown. 

But as restrictions begin to lift and more and more things open up, inevitably there are going to be more risks and more exposure, so how can we all keep ourselves as safe as possible as this happens? Keep reading below to hear some of our suggestions...

Wearing a Face Mask

Wearing a face mask indoors has fast become a part of day to day life for many and there are no signs that this is due to end, even with restrictions being eased. I have to admit that when they were first introduced I hated the idea of having to wear a face mask all the time, but as time has gone on and I have worn one more and more often it has just become normal now. Plus lets face it, wearing a face mask is such a simple, easy to do and cheap way of adding an extra layer of protection for both yourself and everyone around you. 

If I am honest I think that face masks, especially in places like supermarkets and enclosed indoor spaces will be here to stay for quite a while. They help to protect everyone around you when you are mixing with lots of people so wearing a face mask is a great way of protecting yourself as restrictions are lifted. 

Regular Covid Testing

As we all look forward to being able to meet up with more people and more places open their doors we will inevitably be mingling and in close proximity to more people. Which is why regular testing is going to be one of the most important things we can continue to do as lockdown is lifted. There are now test centres across the whole country with most people in the country within close proximity to a testing centre. However we now also have Covid testing kits that can be completed from home and even better, can give you a result within 30 minutes! 

Tests such as the Lateral Flow tests (which can give you results in 30 minutes) are available to collect from testing centres, home delivery and can also be purchased online from places such as UK Wholsales who offer a range of testing kits, especially ideal if you want plenty of tests to test you or your family regularly or perhaps a workplace etc. 

We all know that many people can carry Covid without any symptoms at all so testing isn't just got people with symptoms! Testing regularly can ensure those who need to are isolating and therefore not spreading the virus into the community. 

Hand Washing 

Hand washing... it was one of the first things we were all advised to do to help curb the spread and its something we all did long before Covid came along. But simple things like hand washing still prove to be a great way to easily help curb any spread of covid-19 and many other viruses too. The "hands, face, space" slogan is still one we can all take on board when out and about and it is an easy one to teach children too to help them remember the importance of hand washing. 

I know I will be making sure I pack a couple of bottles of hand sanitiser in my handbag and backpack for our days out this summer to keep us all safe. Hand sanitiser is perfect for when you are out and about and cannot find soap and water to wash your hands. 

Consider Your Journey 

Whilst things may be opening up and as tempting as it is so want to rush out and do everything, its still super important to really consider who you are seeing and where you are going. That's not to say don't go and see your parents or your friends etc as I know that's what we have all waited so long for. But we all need to really think about who we see and where we go if we want restrictions to end and stay away. 

It can be as simple as arranging to meet people outside rather than inside, avoiding public transport (where large amounts of people might be) and walking or taking your own car where possible. Avoiding gathering in huge groups and of course as mentioned above, regular testing as this will not only protect you and help you detect the virus early but it can protect everyone else who you might be meeting up with too. 

I think we are all in agreement when we say none of us want to see another lockdown so hopefully if we can all follow some basic guidelines and use common sense we can all help to protect each other. 

What are you most looking forward to being able to do or where are you most looking forward to going? Once lockdown and restrictions are fully lifted? Let me know in the comments below. 


**This is a collaborative post.**


  1. I think tough times are ahead. The temptation to throw ourselves back in to normality is pretty high but I do feel like we need to more careful. These are great tips and certainly I will be making sure I do all of them x

  2. It is definitely interesting to see what will happen over the coming months, I think people are going to think everything is OK again and we could see a big spike again at some point.

  3. My eldest son is at secondary school and having twice a week testing. Which I think is a great idea. I think we will have to get used to wearing masks, as I think they will be around for quite some time yet.

  4. Oh wow, I did not know that they had 30 minute test kits. Is that only in the UK? I wonder if they have them here in the states! Those would be good to keep on hand just in case someone starts feeling sick.

  5. I doubt we will go out much after restrictions are lifted. So many did last time and then cases went up rapidly. Goes to show how easily it's spread.

  6. I am most looking forward to seeing my friends in person and my parents properly (not just standing distanced at the doorstep when dropping things off). But I will be more considered when it comes to what I do and going into London etc x

  7. I definitely feel like things might start up again as everyone seems to be greedy with the letting loose of the restrictions

  8. Great tips. I'll be starting work again in a couple of weeks and already know I'll be wearing a mask still. Not worth the risk right now not to!