Friday 9 April 2021

The Importance of English Literature in Education

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English Literature is not just reading books on a reading list. Literature is used as a means to explore new cultures, history, theory and writing styles. It is an important piece of studying English, but also to develop key skills across education.

To bring to light the importance of English Literature, we’ve teamed with a Private School in Hertfordshire to show why English Literature can be such a fascinating and beneficial subject for any student. 


Particularly in the case of younger children, reading books is an effective means of learning how to concentrate, and get comfortable with being sat in one place for a long period of time. The stories they are reading will hopefully capture their imagination enough to allow them to concentrate on the story with ease for a long period of time. Reading to your children from a very young age is a wonderful means of getting them to appreciate the wonder of escaping into a great book. 

Developing Language 

Reading great works of literature can help any child develop their sense of language, vocabulary and punctuation. Not only will that help children develop their own writing skills, but it will also help them with the language they use in everyday conversation. 

Broadens Horizons 

A diverse selection of Literature, as many schools and universities do offer, allows students to explore different cultures across the world. It can broaden their horizons in terms of understanding different walks of life, and introduce them to new ideas and concepts that they otherwise may not have explored. It can also give them a deeper appreciation of history, and how different perspectives and tones come to the fore at different moments in time. 

Inspires Creativity 

Reading great works of literature can be a hugely inspiring experience. Through the study of some of the great pieces of literature, your children can be inspired in a number of different ways. They may be encouraged to write their own stories, their own poetry, or be given the drive to explore some topics and period of history in more detail. Literature can open the door to so many interests, and like any great work of art, can inspire your children’s own creations. 

Transferable Skills 

Your children will likely be asked to write essays during their English Literature studies, essays which engage with different texts in an analytical and critical way. This means that they will actively develop critical thinking skills in their studies, something which can be applied to a number of different subjects. Even the act of writing essays, will be hugely beneficial to your children’s writing skills, particularly in regards to clear articulation and structure in writing. That in turn will help improve their communication skills for anything in life.

Is English Literature a subject you enjoyed learning or is it something perhaps your children are enjoying learning now?


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