Thursday 1 July 2021

Sure-fire Ways to Keep Your Guests Entertained at Events

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When you're throwing a celebration, whether it's the first party you've ever hosted or you're famous in your circle for throwing great get-togethers: entertainment is key.  If guests have even a moment to get bored, it will sour how they feel about the party, even if you've put your all into it. And after putting in so much effort, nobody wants their event to flop!

Here are the top ways to make sure your guests have a great time without having to check in on each of them personally so that you can enjoy the evening too!

Offer Interactive Games and Fun

Offering games and fun doesn't mean you need to set out board games or expect people to play Twister, but you should develop fun ways for everyone to interact!  This could mean a covert scavenger hunt, where everyone has to find someone who can do things or has experienced something.  Everyone should get a different ticket of varying difficulty, ranging from someone who had a grapefruit for breakfast to finding someone who has been to South Korea in the last five years.  This will give them a chance to talk to each other while still having fun.

Have Awesome Music

Music can change how people experience a party!  Whether you play themed music to go with an era, or you hire a band to play some of their best hits, you should aim to excite.  Decide whether you want people to dance to the music, watch a performance, or both, and ensure that you set up the space to make the best use of it.  Having space to dance for a string quartet may be strange, but circling a rock band with chairs for people to sit and watch is equally bizarre.

Have Live Entertainment Besides Music

Music is a fantastic type of entertainment, but it's not the only type that there is!  Seek out forms of entertainment that are more than bands or DJs and are instead dun people to interact with.  These could be famous impersonators, illusionists, or other professional entertainers who are there to excite and interact.

If you're going to have professionals like this, it's a good idea to try to make the most of them and aim to have one per fifty people.  This ratio will ensure that there are enough of them to go around, but not so many that they start to crowd the party attendees. 

Be Flexible as the Night Goes On

As the night continues, your guests' needs will change.  This could mean winding down a lot of dancing with something slower to ease them out the door or performers having a big finale to finish off the show.

Most plans don't go exactly how they're set up, so don't be surprised if things get strange or you have to come up with a quick bit of entertainment on your own.  This could mean impromptu karaoke for the remaining guests or a prize for the last couple on the dance floor.

If something ends prematurely or you notice people getting bored of performance, it’s okay to be flexible and change things.  If this is a birthday party or wedding, consult their opinions before changing anything.  After all, it's the guest of honor that matters the most!

Do you love throwing parties or organising events? What are your favourite events to organise and how do you help ensure your guests are kept happy the whole time? Let me know your top tips in the comments below.


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