Friday 13 August 2021

3 Types of Coffee Table to Help Create a Tidier Home

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I think we can all relate when I talk about needing more space in our homes right? Especially when it comes to storage! It doesn't seem to matter how organised we are, there always seems to be more "stuff" that needs a home and coming up with storage solutions is the best way to find a place for everything in your home. Not only will storage solutions help give everything a space but it can help deal with clutter and help create a mess free space. One room many of us want to try and keep clutter free is the living room, its the space we relax and come together as a family so there needs to be plenty of storage, but have you ever considered using a coffee table as a storage solution? If you are intrigued keep reading...

Whilst many think of coffee tables as just somewhere to place drinks or to make a room look nice, there are some great coffee tables out there that can do all that whilst also providing additional storage too. For me that is a win win, below are a few of those coffee tables that look stylish whilst providing a useful storage space too. 


  1. L 120cm Lift Top Coffee Table 


If you have limited space for a coffee table but would still like to consider one for your home, this lift top coffee table is a great choice. The smaller size means it won't swamp small spaces but the lift top means it doesn't compromise on storage capability.


Designed with a lift top, this coffee table can easily be adjusted to a suitable and comfortable height to write, work or dine while sitting on the couch. Under the table top, there is a large storage space that measures 86x39x10.6cm / 33.9x15.4x4.2’’ (L x W x D) for keeping any daily necessities or some knickknacks handy and clean. 

The coffe table is crafted with selected P2 MDF and built in a solid structure, in fact this coffee table has the ability to hold up to 35kg/77lb in total. This makes it strong and stable enough for your daily use and a good quality piece of furniture that will last. The coffee table has a modern sleep look with sharp, clean lines and will add a stylish, eye catching look to any room. 

  1. Rustic Round Coffee Table 


Made of premium material, this vintage coffee table is sturdy, durable and ensures long-lasting use. The round top of the table provides ample space for drinks, food/snacks or even a lamp or a focal arrangements in the centre. But the great feature of this table is the secondary mesh storage shelf underneath. This mesh shelf provides another large surface for storage and could be used for anything such as book, toys or anything else you may wish to store away but have easy access too. 

The table is great for those who has lots of items they want to have easily to hand but not necessarily on the top of a table. Perhaps a hobby such as knitting or crocheting for example where items can be stored underneath but reached and put away easily when needed.


With a tone of rustic and simplethis vintage table will go well with most styles of home d├ęcor. It can be matched with any rustic style furnishings or as a standout piece in a more modern styled home. The proper size of this stylish table makes it perfect for living room, study etc.


  1. X-Design Coffee Table 

Compared to the previous two coffee tables, this coffee table is a more casual design. But the simple colour and minimalist style of it will bring a sense of chic and serenity to your homeIf it can be matched with other furniture of this Nordic style suchlike an end table, side table and so on, it will create a modest luxury living room. 



This X-design coffee table is made from quality MDF boards and its legs are made from selected pine wood. The whole coffee table is processed by paint coating for long-time service, these materials will also not harm your health. 


As well as looking stylish and chic, this modern coffee table has an open shelf below, which offers you enough space for storage for plenty of items ensuring the top of the table can be kept neat, tidy and clutter free. You could put frequently-used or bigger items on the lower shelf, such as notebooks, magazines, teacup sets and so on.


Owning a good-looking and functional coffee table can be the perfect addition to create the perfect living space. The specific style or color will depend on your preference, however what is certain is that these modern coffee tablewill not only be a functional container to help you take care of the odds and ends of your life, but they will also go a long way in decorating your living room, office, or some designated places you want. 

If you do need living room furniture that is both stylish and practical a coffee table that can offer additional storage is definitely worth considering. 

Which of the above tables do you like the most? 


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