Sunday 8 August 2021

Adding Colour and Style to Your Home with Wall Art from Desenio

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Our homes are our safe space, a place we can come back to relax and unwind in, but how do you make your home your own? How can you make it stand out and really showcase who you are as a person? There are many ways to do this, but using artwork to add personality, style and pops of colour is a quick, easy and effective way to do just that. If you are thinking about adding more colour to your home, or wanting to showcase your personal style within your own four walls, keep reading to find out how Desenio can help you do just that... 

Desenio was started by a Swedish couple in 2010 and is based in Stockholm, Martin and Helena are that couple, who after searching for art for their newly built home and being unable to find anything suitable, created their own sound absorbing art. Over the last 10 years these sound absorbing art pieces have developed into high quality posters and frames. Desenio now ships to over 35 countries and has a focus on providing affordable and on-trend art for every home.

 They are sustainable too! Desenio is a FSC certified company which means that the trees used in the production of their art prints are harvested in a responsible way that provides environmental, social and economic benefits for everyone involved in the production. In fact the paper used for the posters created by Desenio is created at one of the worlds most sustainable paper mills based in Sweden. For every tree used in the production of the art prints Desenio sell, they plant two new ones through Vi Agroforestry. In 2019 alone Desenio contributed to planting 6664 trees with the help of their customers.

When you first move into a house it can feel generic or cold and that is why it is so important to add your own personal touch to really make it feel like home. There are lots of ways you can do this via artwork and pictures including ideas such as creating a gallery wall or picture wall full of your favourite pictures, artwork and even quotes or sayings. 

The Desenio website has a super handy gallery wall tool which allows you to select an image this is similar to the set up in your own home and this acts as your blank wall. You then select how many frames/images and the sizes/layout you wish to try and the website allows you to select artwork to place into these frames. It is such a great tool that really allows you to see how you artwork might look all together on a wall. The handy tool can even help make suggestions on pieces of artwork that might go together or pair well with a piece you have already chosen. 

And when it comes to choosing your artwork, lets just say you are spoilt for choice! There are so many different pieces to choose from all of which are labelled clearly and easily to browse through on the websites. There are categories such as animals, maps, nature, fashion, iconic photos, retro and even photographs and famous painters. There is also a range of Studio Collections which are made up of unique photo designs in which each collection plays tribute to a specific place. To enable the creative team behind these collections to create them, they visited some beautiful and cities across the world to capture images to enable them to create a snapshot in time print. 

So what did I choose...

After a lot of browsing through the website to choose the perfect posters for my own home, I decided on some prints for the bathroom with a blue and gold sea theme as well as some fun prints for Evelyn's bedroom too. 

Our bathroom is a bit "boring" usually, it has cream walls and a darker cream/beige tile. As we rent their isn't too much we can do about the bathroom itself in terms of changing things like the tiles and so adding some colourful artwork seemed like the perfect way to add some colour and design features into the bathroom. I chose three posters for the bathroom, these were "Underwater Dream", "Blue Tide" and "Bond II". I love the colours in them and think the underwater these paired with the blues, golds and white were the perfect combination for the room. 

I opted to put them into a black frame (also from Desenio) which helped the prints really stand out against the cream walls and made the colours pop in the prints even more. Desenio currently offer wood, metal or moebe frames in either white or black in a range of sizes to fit any of their prints. 

I also chose some funny yet adorable prints for Evelyn's room too which she absolutely loves! As she is getting older she has been desperate for a girly, more grown up bedroom and these were the perfect addition to her bedroom. They added a quirky pop of colour to her walls and combined her love of animals and all things funny. The posters were also an amazing price with the three posters coming in at under £25 for all three! 

Again I chose to pair these prints with a simple white wooden frame from the Desenio range which fit the posters perfectly. The wooden frames (which we ordered) are made from solid yellow wood which is then painted in white to give it a smooth, clean finish. The frame comes complete with a lightweight and shatterproof acrylic glass as well as two metal hangers on the back so pictures can be hung both vertically or horizontally.  

Overall we have been so impressed with Desenio from the point of choosing our prints and ordering, which was really simple and easy to do, to the updates during delivery and finally the smooth and quick delivery. Our prints were well packaged in good quality, recyclable cardboard and were kept crease and mark free during delivery, the same for our frames too. 

I will definitely be returning for more artwork and posters as we decorate more of our home as they are such as easy way to add colour and personality onto any wall or space. If you are looking for artwork for your home from iconic photos to memorable quotes Desenio have you covered, you can check out their full range of prints via the website. 

Do you have any artwork throughout your home? 


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