Monday 23 August 2021

Creating the Perfect Family Kitchen Space

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The kitchen is a space we all use daily for various daily tasks from cooking and eating to washing clothes and housing shoes, but are you really making the most of your kitchen space? When it comes to our homes we often think of spaces such as the living area as "family areas" but there is often so much unused space, or space that could be utilised better in our kitchens, that gets overlooked. In fact when you become a family having a kitchen space that can keep up with family demands it super important and that is when it becomes vital to utilise all of the space available. 

Below we take a look at some ways that you can make the most of your kitchen space and transform it into the perfect kitchen space for a busy family. 

Consider how you will use the space

Everyone will have their own ideas of what they want their kitchen space to be. If you are a family on the go who rarely sit down together for dinner together, a table may not be your top priority. But making your kitchen work around you and your family is the most important thing to consider when thinking about your kitchen. 

For convenience a kitchen area should be easy to move around with plenty of space and no tight spots that could be difficult to navigate with a hot pan and little kids around! Where appliances are placed is something to consider too, are they easily reachable? functional where they are? Nobody wants to be dragging around heavy kitchen items just to use them so ensure that everyone who needs to use these kitchen items can do so easily. It is also worth factoring in a seating area of some kind, that could be a large dining table, a foldaway space saver seating area or a small breakfast bar that everyone can grab and go from. Whatever you choose, factoring in something is a great way to encourage family members to join you in the kitchen. 

Choose your materials carefully

Choosing the right worktops and splash back or tiles can make a kitchen and is a huge decision when it comes to designing or decorating your kitchen so make sure you take your time deciding. If you can this is where is can be worth spending a little more to get the perfect finish you are looking for, not to mention something that will hopefully then last a long time in a high usage area such as a kitchen. 

They are plenty of options but some of the more popular ones include Marble, Granite or ever Quartz. This is because not only do they look great but they are often stain resistant too. The experts over at Bellagio Stone are the people to talk to for creating bespoke, show stopping work tops. They can help with everything from the design process right up to installing your kitchen worktop or splash back. All of the options above are hardwearing, look great and can create a real focal, feature point in a kitchen, perfect for a family kitchen space that really wants to show off your personality. 

The same can be said when it comes to your kitchen flooring too, be sure to remember that the kitchen area is likely to see lots of footfall and may face spillages too. So with this in mind its important to again choose something that is hardwearing and can be easily wiped/moped regularly. 

Storage, storage and more storage

We all know how important storage is in the home and I think we can all agree that there is no such thing as too much storage, especially once you have kids! But are you utilising your kitchen for storage too? It is often a room that is overlooked when it comes to storage but there are so many ways to create storage in a kitchen for everything you could ever need (and more!). 

For example, floor to ceiling cabinets not only utilise the space available but create tons of storage, just be sure not to put anything you might need regularly right at the top! You could also create a kitchen island which will provide you with extra counter surfaces as well as storage underneath it too. If you don't want to make any big changes why not look at the cupboards and space you have to ensure you are making the most of the space. You could add hooks to the inside of cupboard doors to create extra space to add pots, pans or bags etc. 

Hopefully you have found the above suggestions helpful to ensure you are making the most of your kitchen space and making it work for you. If you have any top tips or have found ways that have helped transform your kitchen for you and your family please do let me know in the comments below. 


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