Thursday 18 November 2021

3 Ways to Better Promote Your Venue

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If you own a manage a large venue then you will know that your live music venue needs a lot to be successful, and it needs it to be a regular success from many parties and events. This might come from the customers at the heart of it all, the patrons who will walk through the doors and buy food and drinks and pay cover charges to see your acts perform. But one thing is for sure, nothing would be possible without customers.

Then, there are the live acts, the ones who put on the shows that people pay for and who bring your venue to life, and the food suppliers who get your food to you on time. There are managers, staff, and just every single person who contributes to your venue’s success.

So, it stands to reason that if any of those parties were to fall off or underperform, your venue would be at a loss. Even when everything is coming together perfectly, you can sometimes feel as the owner that you’re not growing as much as you’d like. The last two years has been tough on so many industries, with places like music venues and halls some of the hardest hit. So it is vital that these businesses are able to bounce back and do well as restrictions ease and people return to a normal way of life.

If you’re interested in starting to try new things to turn your venue around in terms of profit, here are some suggestions for doing just that.

Ramp Up Your Live Talent

Maybe you’re getting customers in the doors, but not enough customers, and maybe that’s because your live acts have lately been falling a little flat. If you’ve been languishing in the same acts, genres, or artists for so long without making a change, it might be time to investigate who else might be out there.

Search “entertainment near me” online to check out some talent-booking sites that can set you up with all kinds of live entertainment, and not just music. There are magicians, comedians, and actors. Who knows what sort of thing might be best for your club? You could even hold a poll either online on social media or even in person, asking your customers and regulars what they would like to see in your venue.

Ramp Up Your Social Media

As with any business venture, social media can be a big boon to you if you know how to use it correctly. There have been probably millions of words written on the best types of social media strategies to use to grow your business. People talk about things such as the best day of the week and time of day to post, and how often to hit up your followers with reminders and promotions.

The truth is that anytime is a good time. Promote every performer you’ve hired to play a show at your venue. Advertise your drink specials ahead of time. Put the cover charge and related information in the image and text, and so on. Just remember that consistency is the key. When people come to expect information from you, you must present it to them that way every time in an easy to find and read format.

Ramp Up Your Website

In the twenty-first century, a business’s website is one of its greatest revenue-driving tools. Even if you’re a business that doesn’t make its money online, like a live music venue or club or bar, your website is where people will go to find out more about you. It’s where new customers will go to see your act schedule, learn about your prices and regulations, and see what the atmosphere will be like.

Given this, you’ll want to make sure your site’s navigation is clear and orderly, your website photos are clear and helpful, and your website copy is engaging and helpful. An optimized website like this can be the tool that starts bringing in that new business you’ve been after.

Hopefully you have found these tips useful and will help you really boost your venue this year. If you are a venue owner and you have any tips please do leave them in the comments below. Alternatively if you regularly visit music venues for parties, concerts etc, what do you like to see/find at these venues that would make you return? Let me know in the comments.


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