Tuesday 9 November 2021

The Best Advent Calendars for 2021

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A big part of the fun and excitement of Christmas is the countdown to the big day itself. It builds up the excitement and the fun both adults and kids, in fact sometimes its the build up that makes it all that more special. And what is a countdown to Christmas without an advent calendar!? Whether your a kid or an adult, a countdown to Christmas day wouldn't be the same without getting to open one of those little windows on a calendar each day and seeing what waits behind it. From classic chocolate to toys and even beauty products, there are so many calendars available now. 

With so many varieties of calendars available it can be hard to choose which one you love the most, so below I am sharing some of my favourite calendars for 2021. Don't forget to let me know in the comments below which calendar you have (or would like) for this year too. 

Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate Advent Calendar 

Made from Green & Blacks trade mark ethically sourced finest chocolate this calendar is one for those who love high end chocolate but still want the fun of opening a calendar each day. Inside the doors you will find 23 Individually wrapped 15g chocolate bars in varying flavours including Dark 70%, Dark 80%, Milk, Milk with Butterscotch and Dark with Ginger. There is also a special 35g 70% dark chocolate bar behind the last door. 

The box design is a sleek black with festive decoration and definitely gives a more grown up feel to it. I think my favourite feature of this calendar (aside from the delicious chocolate of course) is that the miniature bars inside are individually wrapped meaning if you don't want to eat them first thing, you could pop them into your bag for a little treat at work or on the go too! 

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk Advent Calendar

Cadbury is a classic household name when it comes to chocolate and that is no different when it comes to that big Christmas countdown on your calendar. Whilst Cadbury have lots of calendars aimed at children with colourful pictures and all of their favourite chocolates, the Cadbury chunk calendar is definitely aimed at adults with its sleek and simple design. Each calendar contains 24 individually wrapped Cadbury chocolates in whole nut, dairy milk and caramel flavours. 

Tony's Chocolonely Big Tiny Advent Calendar

If you are looking for a calendar that is a bit of an indulgent treat or something a little different this year, then the Tony Chocolonely calendar definitely ticks all of those boxes. This huge calendar has 24 doors which each holds an individually wrapped fair trade chocolate in one of 10 different flavours including milk, white, dark, almond, hazelnut, nougat, sea salt, caramel, pretzel, freeze-dried raspberry and popping sugar. 

The calendar itself is very large and the design is fun, bright and cheerful, because of this it is perfect for adults and kids alike. You can find more Tony's Chocolonely products and Christmas gifts at Sous Chef

Haribo Glow in the Dark Advent Calendar 

If chocolate isn't your thing, that doesn't mean you have to miss out on having a calendar at all! Haribo have once again created their fun advent calendar packed full of classic and festive Haribo sweets. The sweets inside include golden bears, tropifrutti, MAOAM pinballs, stripes and bloxx, happy cola minis and many others too. 

The Haribo calendar also has an extra little surprise too, it is glow in the dark! So even on the darkest of winter mornings kids and grown ups will have no problem finding their calendar to open up! 

Skinny Bars Advent Calendar

Do you want an advent calendar but are also trying to watch your calorie intake before Christmas? Well the Skinny Bars advent calendar is a great alternative for those who don't want an indulgent calendar, are watching their weight or who would just prefer a heathier alternative. From Skinny whip to a chocolatey crunch, this advent calendar contains 24 full size skinny bars that are perfect for a guilt free treat or you could even add them to your lunch each day! 

Inside the calendar you will find Skinny whip bars in mint & dark chocolate, toffee & chocolate, strawberry & chocolate, double chocolate and chocolate orange. Skinny dream bars in rocky road, chocolate toffee and chocolate peanut. Skinny crunch bars in peanut butter, chocolate orange and mint & dark chocolate. Plus a skinny chocolate crunch bar in a delicious honeycomb flavour. 

These are just a few of the calendars available this year, but definitely some of our favourites! Please do let me know below what advent calendar you are hoping for this year and if any of the above take your fancy! 


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  1. Ahh! I love an advent calendar and actually have 2 for myself this year. A chocolate one and a beauty one. My fella has the Dairy Milk Chunk one.
    What great ideas. x