Tuesday 16 November 2021

Top Tips for a Fun Solo Night in

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Whether you’re single or looking forward to a solo night in while your partner/family is away, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy a fun evening without company. 

If you’re used to a busy household, suddenly being home alone can take time to adjust to. Equally, if you spend a lot of time on your own, boredom can set in. Either way, our top tips for a fun solo night in will give you plenty of ideas to help you enjoy those moments of solitude. 

The Benefits of a Solo “Date Night”

Learning to enjoy time alone offers many benefits. 

  • Try out new things — there’s no need to wait until you meet someone interested in trying that new hobby you’ve been keen to start for years. On a night in, there’s only you to please, so you can be totally selfish about how you spend your time!

  • Get to know yourself — this may sound a little odd. You know who you are, right? Many of us define ourselves by who we choose to spend time with. Being alone allows us to think freely about who we are, what we want, and how to achieve our goals. With this knowledge comes greater self-belief and confidence.

  • Let go of unhealthy beliefs — everything from movies to magazines tells us that we need to find The One, build a family and settle down. If you’re currently single, this can put unhealthy pressure on you to achieve these goals. Spending a solo night in now and then can help you enjoy your own company and realise that there is no “must” about sharing your time with anyone else. You can be happy on your own some or all of the time, whatever you choose.

  • Disconnect and destress — most of us spend a vast amount of our lives racing around, surrounded by people or communicating with them via technology. This consonant communication and being constantly available for others can be exhausting and stressful. Spending time alone offers the opportunity to disconnect and enjoy some peaceful time when there are no demands on you to respond or perform for others.

Top Tips for a Solo Night In

  • Pamper Yourself

Create your very own spa — there’s no need to venture out of your home or pay for expensive treatments. Dim the lights, pop your PJs on (and a big cosy dressing gown), play some relaxing music, and light a few scented candles to create a chilled atmosphere. If you have one, pamper yourself with a foot spa; a bowl of warm water with bath salts will work just as well. Apply a face pack and lie back and enjoy the peace and relaxation. You’ll feel energised and refreshed in no time.


  • Order In a Feast

The idea is to spend an evening on your own relaxing, so the last thing you’ll want to do is drive to a noisy, busy supermarket. Instead, order a food delivery. Try not to go with your usual takeaway. Treat yourself to something special, something a little luxurious, such as a cheese hamper delivery. Choose one that contains everything you need for a stress-free, no-cook night of indulgence — cheeses, chutneys, biscuits and wine.

  • Get Crafting

Adult crafting and colouring have soared in popularity in recent years. Colouring books were once the preserve of kids, but many adults find them extremely relaxing and a great way to be more mindful. Don’t write off crafting and colouring until you’ve tried it. You only need a few basic materials to get started and there are lots of pre-prepared kits available online. If you’re new to crafting, start simply, perhaps with making cards. If you’re a seasoned pro, give yourself a challenge and try something new such as macrame or mosaicking

  • Revive Your Love of Reading

Many once passionate bookworms begin to read less when the demands of adult life take over. Maybe you spend all day at a computer, so just the thought of reading another word in your leisure time is exhausting. Or perhaps you have a busy family home, and finding the peace and quiet to curl up with a book is a challenge. If you’ve been struggling to find time and energy to read, this is your opportunity. It’s your evening to do exactly as you wish. Dust off your “to read” pile, snuggle up on the sofa and lose yourself in a world of fiction.

  • Stick to Your Solo Plans! 

If being home alone feels a little odd or even lonely at first, don’t cave and invite a friend around! Don’t even speak to anyone on the phone. You’ll get the most out of your solo date night if you disconnect from others for the whole evening. Unless you need to be contactable for emergencies (perhaps your children are away for the evening), leave your phone in another room, put any tablets or laptops away and just enjoy the luxury of being home alone and free to do exactly as you please. 

We could all benefit from a little more “me” time. Don’t wait for the opportunity to arise. Schedule a solo date night and enjoy being utterly selfish for one evening!


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