Tuesday 10 May 2022

Father's Day - 5 Low Cost Ways to Make it Special

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Fathers Day falls on Sunday 19th June this year (it always falls on the 3rd Sunday of June) and many will be looking at how they can show their dads, step dads, grandads and other men who may be in their lives, just how special they are. Whilst I agree that it shouldn't just be all about showing that love for one day, it should be something be do all year round, its always nice to have a day dedicated to them and all they do. A chance to say thank you, to surprise them with something nice or just a day to encourage you to tell them just how much they mean to you. 

There are many ways you can show the men in your life just how much they mean to you this Fathers Day (and they don't all have to cost an arm and a leg either!). In this post I am sharing 5 ways in which you could make this Fathers Day extra special, so if you are stuck for ideas or want some inspiration, keep on reading below. 

Personalised Gifts and Cards  

Personalised gifts and cards are a great way to show the person you are gifting that you were thinking of them when choosing the gift/card and there are lots of great ways you can do this. It might be a personalised card with your favourite picture on the front, a personalised message inside or a funny quote/joke that you know will make the person smile. 

You can also find a great range of gifts that are really reasonable priced that can be personalised too. From picture frames that you can add your own images too, to gift boxes, personalised sweetie jars full of the recipients favourite sweets or super cute trinkets that make wonderful keepsakes, especially with a meaningful personalisation

Personalised cards and gifts would make a great choice this Fathers day because they will not only make the recipient smile on the day, but make a wonderful keepsake gift too. So whether you are looking for a funny Father's Day card for a brother, a sentimental card for a parent or grandparent or something from the kids to their dad you can't go wrong with a personalised option. 

Let Dad Take Charge 

If you are looking for a way to make dad feel special this Father's Day special without splurging on gifts why not let dad take charge for the day. Let him decide what is for breakfast, lunch and dinner, let him decide on the activity for the day and let him hog the remote all day long. You could even write out little handmade "voucher" type gifts that dad can "cash in" as such for things like "grab me a snack", "let me take a nap" or "fetch me a beer from the fridge". It's a low cost and really simple idea that everyone will love, even little kids can get involved in writing out vouchers and the whole family will likely have fun throwing themselves into all of dads plan and activities too.

Skip the Shops and Go Homemade

Gifts and cards don't have to be "purchased" to be special, sometimes a homemade card or gifts can top anything you can find in the shops! This is an especially good idea if you have young children who love getting stuck into arts and crafts, or if you are particularly crafty yourself. Arm the kids with card, paper, glue, pens and all the glitter, sequins and sticky things you can find and challenge them to create a card or picture that reminds them of dad. 

Homemade doesn't always have to be a card or gift made my a child though, it could be a sentimental gift made from things you have laying around at home. An old picture frame can be upcycled, painted and new photos of family added. Old clothes can be resewn into blankets (or even teddies if you know your way around sewing machine) or you could even bake their favourite cake or dessert. 

Cook his Favourite Meal

Similarly to above, a meaningful gift doesn't have to be purchased, wrapped or cost a fortune. It can be a kind gesture or a thoughtful act and what better way to tell someone you love them than through a delicious home cooked meal? You could get the kids involved and make it extra special by letting them help make the meal, or perhaps decorate a cake or biscuits for dessert. Or they could even turn into mini waiters and serve dad up his meal and drinks etc for an extra fun twist that costs nothing. 

Make it a Surprise! 

Most people love a surprise and whilst kids can find it hard to keep an exciting surprise a secret, if you can keep your plans a surprise for an extra added element. Whether its a gift, homemade card, special meal, friends and family visiting or a fun day out, keeping them guessing will all add the the excitement this Father's Day. 

Hopefully these ideas will help you plan something extra special this Fathers Day. Always remember, it isn't about the amount of money you send or the extravagance of your gift, its about the time, effort and thought you put into whatever you choose to do. I would love to hear what you all have planned or perhaps you've given a great gift or planned something special that went down really well in the past, if so please do share below I would love to hear all about it. 


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