Wednesday 4 May 2022

Why Choose Quickstep Livyn Flooring?

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There is no denying that choosing the right flooring can totally transform a room, but there is a look to consider when thinking about flooring and what is right for you and your home. When discussing flooring designs and solutions there is always someone who will recommend luxury vinyl flooring over all other replicated designs for a number of reasons. 

Not only is LVT a firm favourite for homeowners, but it falls very favourably with interior designers, bloggers, and manufacturers also. The reasons for this vary but all of them highlight the same level of satisfaction in design, practicality, and overall durability making it a great choice for so many. 

All Rooms

Many people believe that vinyl flooring is mainly used for bathrooms and kitchens (of which they excel as a product) because of the practicality of having such flooring around areas that may get wet or need cleaning regularly - but luxury vinyl tiles are practical for any and every kind of room.

Some homeowners prefer to fit out their entire house in different designs of vinyl due to its comfort underfoot, its protective properties against items that would drop on it and not show damage and its unique design styles. Its particularly favourable for those with children or pets that may wish to keep their floors easy to clean and wipeable. 

Instead of implementing different rooms with ceramic and porcelain, followed by real hardwood and stone, vinyl tiles or planks, vinyl can perfectly replicate all at a fraction of the price and a longer-lasting product that does not fade after many instances of simple cleaning.


Quickstep Livyn provides unequalled patterning designs, so you are not simply getting a bog-standard look. With so many designs to choose from you are sure to find something to suit any room or any style you may be thinking off. 

You can either have a black and white classic design or go with something a bit more abstract, giving a strong visual statement if you have a personality that stands out. People recommend that hallways have a bold design in tile to make eyes open upon entering, making the space seem bigger in the process. You might have heard of having a feature wall, but what about a feature floor?

Install Easy

If you have experience in laying carpet or hardwood flooring, you will find vinyl flooring exceptionally easy to lay down on your subfloor.

Vinyl is not a necessarily complicated product to install, and if you choose to ease the professional fitting costs then you can find yourself a nice little side project for a weekend that can be fun also. Vinyl differs in price on where you go and what brand you choose, but luxury vinyl flooring offers the same properties in terms of protection, durability, and style.

If vinyl is the preferred favourite of so many industry professionals and those who follow the marketplace, why are you only just learning this now? In truth, back when vinyl was first manufactured it had a reputation as a flimsy product that looked tacky and didn't last too long. Over the decades there have been massive advancements and improvements, with designers and manufacturers listening to complaints not just about their product, but other flooring products also. This has resulted in numerous years of testing, advancing, and delivering on a product that combats all the main problems flooring faces - Time, Stress, and Ease.

If these three words relate to your home, then take a look into Quickstep Livyn, such as pine parquet flooring, for your home.


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