Wednesday 27 July 2022

How to Make Your Home a Happy Space for You to Live In

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We all want to be happy in our home, as after all, it’s where we spend a huge chunk of our lives. It’s an incredibly important thing - if we dread going back to where we sleep, eat, and relax, then it can have a hugely detrimental impact on our well-being, mentally and physically. Ultimately, our happiness can depend on being content where we live, which is why you should put in every effort to make your home your sanctuary.

Here we are going to explore how to make your home a happy space for you, the people you live with, and your visitors.

Make it Your Own

Nobody walks into a bare room with no decoration and feels welcome. You need to decorate your home and make it your own (check out personalized canvas prints via the link to add a modern, interesting touch to any room of your living space). Get family photos up, artefacts from your travels, add a splash of your favourite colour with a wall design, and so on… Make the room come alive with things you love. Showcase your hobbies and memories. Make it your own!

Keep On Top of Chores

Mess, dirt, and clutter instantly drag down your mood when you enter a room, perhaps without you even realizing it. Our surroundings can make us feel at ease or on edge. Plus, the consequences of letting chores build-up can be much worse than just getting them done. Clean up the dishes, sort out the washing, and keep everything in order! That way, you’re avoiding problems like mould, bad smells, and general discomfort at home.

Plus, you want to be able to feel house proud, with the opportunity to welcome guests around without you feeling embarrassed. Get into the habit of not letting any chores build up for too long - you don’t have to be a domestic goddess exactly, but just don’t let the problems build up until they’re overwhelming. Nip your chores in the bud and you’ll feel so much better for it in the long run.

Create Memories

One way to make your home more special to you is to make the most of it and enjoy good times there. Even if it’s something simple like a movie marathon and snacks with your family, or having barbecue gatherings in the garden. Creating an emotional connection to your home through memories can make you love it that bit more.

Focus on Comfort

Comfort is everything when you’re at home, so make sure that you keep this in mind when you’re buying furniture, or anything similar. Small details, such as having a dimmer to adjust your lighting, or a soft rug in the living room, can make a huge difference to how comfortable you are. If you have a dim light, or on the other hand, an excessively bright light, then it won’t create a pleasant ambience. Adding a simple rug can take an otherwise hard floor and make the ground much nicer to walk on. Think about it!

What changes or adaptions have you made to your home to make it your very own happy, safe space?


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  1. I wanted to read your article as soon as I saw the title, because I work from home. It's super important for me to make my place a home that I'm comfortable in, otherwise, I just won't get anything done at all, you know? The chores part... is so true! As soon as they're all done, I feel that much more open to working!