Wednesday 31 August 2022

PAJ All Round Finder - GPS Tracker **REVIEW**

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If you are anything like me, losing things is a regular occurrence. My husband is probably the most guilty of this in our house, he likes to "tidy" things away only to never actually be able to find them again. But since having children we are both guilty of having a less than great memory for where things are and lets face it the kids aren't much help either. Having kids also meant we also had lots more things that could potentially go missing, one of those being James bike. 

Like most teenage kids James was desperate for a little more independence and so when the time felt right we decided he was responsible enough to ride to school with a friend. So we set out buying him a nice new bike and helmet ready for his new found independence. However it quickly became apparent that bike thefts and bikes going missing is actually quite a common occurrence, even from the school grounds! This was obviously worrying and we wanted to do everything we could to ensure we kept James bike as safe as possible. We purchased a good bike lock and even had the bike marked by the local police cycle team, however hearing about the PAJ - GPS tracker sounded like another level of protection again that would mean we could track his bike at all times. 

I know there will be other parents in a similar position who may want to track expensive or personal items such as bikes, cars, even our children themselves which is why I wanted to share with you a little more about the PAJ all round finder below. 

What is the PAJ All Round GPS tracker?

The PAJ all round GPS tracker is a hand held tracking device that can be used to track a number of items including vehicles and bikes, luggage and even people! The device features its own sim card (which comes already inserted) making it easy to activate and set up as well as allowing up to connect to the best possible network connection. The PAJ GPS tracker contains a range of anti theft protection technology including alarms and notifications alerting you to everything from low battery to theft or even exceeding a speed limit! 

How does the PAJ All Round tracker work?

The PAJ all round GPS tracker works by using 4g, connecting to satellites to determine the position of the tracker and can track accurately to around 5m. Once the position of the tracker is found this information is then send to the finder portal for you to monitor whenever you wish. With the help of Live tracking you can always track the location of your tracker in real time with constant up to date results. 

What can it be used for?

The PAJ all round GPS tracker can be used in a number of ways including in a car, bicycle, luggage when you travel or even popping it into your child's bag when they go out with friends. The hand held size (weighing only 140g too) and long battery life makes it suitable for a range of uses. Once set up the you can track your items from a laptop, iPad or even your smartphone for complete flexibility from the click of an app. 

How to set up your PAJ all round GPS tracker

The set up for this tracker is super simple and easy to do. The sim card is already in the tracker so there is no fiddling around trying to set that up for a start. When your tracker arrives you will need to give it a good charge (at least 8-12 hours) to ensure it is fully charged and ready to go, this may seem like a long time but once charged the tracker has a battery life of around 20 days (or 60 days in standby mode!). 

Once charged you will need to set up your online account, you can do this by simply scanning the QR code which comes in the box with your tracker or go to the starter portal link and follow the instructions from there. In order to use the tracker you will need an active GPS subscription and these can be purchased for either one month (perfect for a one off trip) or 1 year and 2 year subscriptions with prices starting at £5.99 per month. Once your tracker is charged and your subscription set up you will be able to access the map and start tracking, from here you will also be able to set up and change things like alerts and notifications too. 

Our final thoughts...

This is my first time using a tracker like this and I was honestly blown away by its accuracy and capabilities! Size wise it was a little bigger than I thought it would be but its still small and compact considering everything it can do. I would definitely use this in my luggage is traveling abroad and will be using it in my sons backpack once school goes back and he starts heading out for days out with his mates, it seems far less intrusive for him that constant calls and texts asking where he is! 

The set up was so easy and even those who aren't very tech minded could set this up easily. The leather pouch is a cute touch and is perfect for ensuring the tracker doesn't get scratched when its placed inside luggage or a backpack for example.

If you are looking for a way to track anything from your car or your bike to your luggage, expensive possessions or even your children this is a reasonably priced tracker with a lot of great features and I would highly recommend it. 


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