Thursday 20 October 2022

5 Ways to Make Your Blog and Content Stand Out

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Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned pro you are probably very aware of the millions of blogs already online and that alone can feel quite daunting, regardless of how long you have been blogging. With so many blogs across the world it's obvious that just creating content and hoping people will read it simply isn't enough. To make your blog a success you're going to need to stand out, draw people in and make your blog the one that everyone wants to read, but how? Well keep reading below to find out more. 

Blogging is more than just writing content, it's about sharing something helpful, knowledgeable, interesting, fun etc with others, but with so many blogs online how do you make sure yours is the content they are reading? Well of course hard work and commitment are all part of becoming a successful blogger, but here are 5 tips that might be useful to help your blog and your content stand out against the rest. 

Know Your Niche 

Having a generic blog is absolutely fine, you might want to cover a broad subject such as lifestyle or parenting, or just cover a wide range of different topics on one blog. But it is worth remembering that the broader your niche, the more blogs there are to compete with and in turn the harder it will be for your blog and your content to really stand out. 

However, if you can really narrow down your niche you will not only be higher up in search results, but you will likely find it easier to really stand out in that specific area. People can tell when they are talking or listening to someone who really knows their stuff and that is what sells essentially. So, if you are passionate about something specific or perhaps you have a degree or similar in a certain area, use this to your advantage to stand out. This doesn't mean your blog solely has to be about one subject, but just make sure it's your primary niche as that is likely what people will find you for. 

Social Media is Your Friend 

Many people have a love hate relationship when it comes to social media but for your blog and getting it seen it is a must. One thing I always say to people when they start a blog is to go claim the matching handles/usernames on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (and TikTok too now!). You may not end up using them all, but it will mean nobody else can either. 

The key to using social media to your advantage it being consistent. Post your content to your pages, but never the whole post, entice people over to your blog by leaving them wanting to read more. But don't just make it all about your blog posts, social media is a great way to show your readers that behind the blog you are a human too, let them interact with you. Share funny memes if that's your thing, share other bloggers content that is relevant to your niche and most importantly reply, react and like when people interact with you, it will make your readers feel like you care and in turn they will be more likely to interact again. You could even make your own meme so it is totally unique and looks the way you want it too. 

Posting to social media may seem daunting but there are several schedulers you can use to schedule all your content to go out over days or weeks etc. Plus, over time you may find that your readers are more interactive on one or two channels, and this will allow you to focus more time on those channels that work for your blog. 

Eye Catching Images and Video

People love to scroll, so when it comes to standing out you need to capture people's eye as they scroll through streams of text, images and video! But fear not you don't have to be a professional photographer to have photos or videos that stand out, there are lots of apps and websites you can use to take your photo photographer and videos to the next level. Many people are visual when it comes to spotting things they like or that they can relate too so adding images/videos to your blog posts can really help take them to the next level and make them more appealing to readers rather than just a page of text. 

In fact, there are even now websites that allow you to create your own reels, emoticons and GIFs to use on social media too (you can find the best GIF recorders here). Also remember to have fun with your photos and videos, try filming from different angles, adding different filters and modes to your photos etc. You will quickly find a style that you like that will become your photo and video style for your content, one that will be easily recognisable to your readers. 

Make Your Content Easy to Share 

One super simple mistake I often see bloggers do is make it hard for others to share their content and if people can't easily share it the reality is they won't bother at all. Readers and followers sharing your content is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your content seen, after all that is how things go viral. So, with this in mind you want to make this process as simple as possible for people, ensure you have buttons at the bottom of all of your blog posts so people can easily share to their chosen platform. It is also worth ensuring your setting son social media allow everyone (not just friends and family or just followers) to comment, like and share on your content too. 

Keywords and Hashtags

One of the biggest challenges bloggers can face is getting their content found but thanks to things like social media there are lots of ways you can help it get seen by the right people. One of these ways are hashtags, these are usually used on social media and can be used to let people know what your content is about. Then people who are looking for certain subjects or niches can search for relevant hashtags and find all the content using that hashtag. That is why it is so important to use the right ones and taking a few minutes to do a little research before you post can be really advantageous! Search on social media for hashtags that are relevant to your topic/image and then use active ones in your own content. 

The second thing to consider is using keywords and this is more in your blog post's than social media. Keywords are what most search engines use when filtering results, it allows the engine to guess what the content is about and direct users searches to the right content, which is why you want your content to contain plenty of relevant keywords. That's because it will have a better chance at being found, ranked and indexed on a search engine and the higher up the results page it is, the more likely your content is to be seen. 

It is recommended to use between 3 and 8 keywords in your post and these should be used in a variety of places including your blog post title, meta description (the short description a search engine uses to describe your content) and within the first 200 words of your posts itself. There are three types of keywords to consider, your primary keyword should be the main focus of the article, a word that sums up exactly what the article is about. You then have secondary keywords, these are keywords that complement your primary keyword but are slight variants to it, you can aim for around 3 -5 of these and these can be talking points within and around the main subject. Lastly there are additional keywords, these can be essentially any extra keywords you think fit the niche/theme of your post but are slight variations of your other keywords.

Hopefully these tips can be helpful in getting your content seen more, just remember to be consistent and be patient. It takes time to build up a good following but if you keep up the hard work, keep being consistent and keep sharing what you are passionate about, your readers will soon follow. 

If you have a blog, what do you do to help content get seen? Please do share your tips in the comments below. 


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