Thursday 1 December 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him - 2022

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Men can be notoriously hard to buy for, aside from their all year-round request for pants and socks of course. Come Christmas time it can be hard to buy gifts for the men in our lives from sons, dads and grandads. If you find yourself wondering what to get for the men in your life this Christmas or need a little inspiration for gifts that are a bit different, then keep reading. 

This gift guide aims to showcase some fun, quirky and different gift ideas for men so hopefully you can find something for everyone this Christmas. 

Chemistry 101 Flask Book - Kikkerland 

Cleverly disguised as a book on the chemistry of liquor, this stainless-steel hip flask makes a fun and unusual gift ideas. The flask is engraved with the chemical structure for alcohol, and it holds 118ml of your chosen liquor inside. The flask measures 16cm x 10.7cm x 3.3cm in total so can easily be placed inside a pocket or suit jacket and would certainly make a good talking point. 

Epic Fresh & Ice Chill Body Spray and Body Wash with Shower Scrub

The LYNX Epic Fresh & Ice Chill bumper pack is the perfect set for any man in your life, from teens to husband. The set contains two amazing scents to make him smell great day long. From the zesty scent of epic fresh and the fresh icy scent of Ice Chill the set contains everything a man needs to feel fresh and great for the day. 

Inside each set you will find 2 x LYNX shower gels (225ml each) which work as 3 in 1 body, face and hair washes for convenience and ease. There are also 2 x body sprays (150ml each) in the same scents as the shower gels. Plus, inside this set you will find a very useful shower tool! Equipped with two scrubbing options, the shower tool helps him lather up with the soft mesh side on more sensitive areas, while the scrub side helps remove dead skin from rough spots like elbows and heels.

PAJ GPS Tracker 

Whether they are always losing things as soon as they are put down or they just want a little extra protection, a GPS tracker can be a great gift idea. They can be used for so many things from tracking luggage if you fly, to tracking your car, bike, even your children! The PAJ GPS tracker uses 4G network to offer safe and full connectivity. It is small, around the size of a mobile phone, so it is portable, and the battery life can last up to 40 days so perfect if you are travelling! 

The trackers have several different alarm options such as speed limit alarm, movement alarm, an alarm when pressing the SOS button, low battery alarm and a geo-fence alarm. It can also provide live online updates with the help of a small monthly subscription fee, perfect for those on the go. 

BadRhino T-Shirts 

Most men love a practical gift such as pants and socks but these t-shirts from BadRhino also make the perfect practical gift! Their "big and tall" range are perfect for men on the larger or taller size with a little extra length for those who find their t-shirts always fall a little too short. The t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and the simple block colour design with a small embroidered BadRhino logo make these great for everyday wear but can equally be dressed up by wearing under a shirt or layering up for a more dressed up look. 

Mute Nasal Dilator

If your partner snores, then these Mute nasal dilators might make the perfect stocking filler that are a gift for the recipient and the person they sleep next too! Available in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) the box of 3 lasts approximately one month. Mute sits comfortably inside the nostrils and gently widens (stents) the nasal passages to improve airflow during sleep throughout the night. They are made from soft medical grade polymers and are anatomically designed not to irritate the soft tissues inside the nose. Once fitted correctly, just a small, discrete translucent bridge is visible and you’ll forget it’s there.

Fetch Bottle Opener - Kikkerland

If you are looking for a fun, quirky gift for an animal lover then the Fetch Bottle Opener from Kikkerland has to be it! This funky dog shaped bottle opened has a metal core with a sleep wooden outer and has a magnet in the mouth to ensure it grips onto any bottle caps so they can be discarded of once opened. Not only does it do what it is supposed to do (open bottles etc) but it looks fun and interesting on any kitchen side too. 

Haribo Christmas Themed Sweets

Can you ever really go wrong gifting sweets? Haribo are a classic when it comes to good sweets and their festive shapes are always a fun way to gift something sweet at Christmas. This year they have these fun bags of both "Puck Penguin" a soft jelly and foam sweet in the shape of a penguin and in flavours such as Peach & Vanilla, Blackcurrant & Vanilla and Strawberry & Vanilla. There are also "Giant Trees" which taste the exact same as the giant strawberries you can buy but these are in the shape of Christmas trees! 

Drinkmate - OmniFizz

If you know someone who loves fizzy drink's then the Drinkmate OmniFizz is the perfect gift, allowing the recipient to carbonate any drink of their choosing from home! The set comes with a 60l CO2 Carbonator as well as a 1 litre reusable bottle to make all of the drinks in. The sleek design means the machine won't take up too much counter space and it is available in 4 different colours (white, black, blue and red) to make almost all kitchen designs and themes. 

Hopefully these gift ideas have given you some inspiration for what to get the men in your life this year, from kitchen gadgets to self-care and some fun little stocking fillers, we have covered it all. 

Don't forget to let me know in the comments which of the gifts above you think the men in your life would like the best.


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  1. Great gift ideas, we have a drinkmate and it is great, there are some lovely ideas on here that I know a few men would love to receive