Saturday 19 November 2022

Durable Flooring Options for Your Home

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AD: As we prepare for the joyous occasion of bringing children into the world, we find ourselves so wrapped up in the thought of meeting this person that we sometimes forget about making the home childproof.

It isn’t just baby gates and wall colour schemes to put in place, the baby cot assembly and the batteries bought in bulk for the baby monitors - it also is about what the floor should be to protect against harm or damage. A carpet is no longer the best option for the house. The better option is something like luxury vinyl flooring.

In this post we are looking at durable flooring options for a family home and how beneficial they can be, keep reading below to find out more. 

Saving From the Start

Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for families that are just starting out and for those that are growing. It is cost-effective compared to alternatives like carpet, real hardwood or stone. It is a highly durable flooring material which stands up to hectic family life, especially babies - including fur babies.

Whether it comes from spills, dropped food, muddy footprints or toys thrown around the place, it certainly proves to be a challenge when you have a plush carpet or a wood/stone floor. Therefore, it comes with great satisfaction that vinyl flooring provides easy and durable flooring to last upwards of 30 years if properly maintained.

Break Out the Simple Wipes

Invictus flooring is easy to clean with simple brushing and mopping to retain its glowing look, eliminating the requirement for specialist cleaning products in favour of regular household ones.

With its waterproof design, you are not fretting over damage from a leak through floorboards to the subfloor. Vinyl tiles and planks fit securely so that moisture or changes in temperature cannot cause them to rise.

Fully able to stand up against scratches and scuffs by having anti-scratch and stain protection, you won’t require replacing or covering up any embarrassing sections of simple spills.


Luxury vinyl flooring saves you money in a few different scenarios.

As a vastly cheaper alternative to regular flooring, it is a more cost-effective product that does not go cheap on look and style, choosing to perfectly replicate wood and stone-based flooring without the hassle or expense. It also is a simple process to self-install, which means money is saved for your little ones instead of a professional fitter’s pocket.

Available in many different designs, colours and palettes, luxury vinyl flooring – such as herringbone flooring - provides families large and small, growing and beginning with luxury designs in the rooms children want to have the most fun.

Would you consider having vinyl flooring in your home as a family, or perhaps it's something you already have? Let me know in the comments below. 


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