Friday 11 November 2022

The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

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Coding is a really important skill to have in the modern age. It has a myriad of benefits not only for adults, but also expanding their skills for use in future employment opportunities and more. It’s a great way for children to also explore this underrated skill from a young age. If there is an opportunity for your child to pick up new skills and experiences, then you should definitely try out coding lessons.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why coding is beneficial for children’s development during school time.

Gives children the opportunity to look at different ways to solve problems

Being able to solve problems will help your child understand and feel more confident to make decisions about what they can do in different situations. Coding presents a lot of new issues that can help your child understand the complexity of the situation and what they can do to improve for next time whilst working to overcome any obstacles in solving the problems. 

Your child won’t have seen a lot of these issues before within coding, so it’s a good place for your child to start picking up new issues to try and resolve. They can also be applied to future situations, especially from a technical perspective. The world as a whole is definitely becoming more technically minded so getting a head start at a young age is definitely an advantage. 

Helps your child progress into other IT subjects

Coding is a good entry point into technical IT or computing. Some schools offer this as an option to study further, like this private school in Hertfordshire. Learning computing and coding can be a great way for your child to work towards qualifications relevant to future careers especially as so many companies are using more and more tech to stay relevant and up to date with the world. But it can also be a great way for your child to explore computers, technology and software development, among other areas coding can be used for.

Allows your child to discover their creativity skills

Being creative doesn’t just come from drawing and painting, it also comes from coding and digital creation. Coding can help people put together websites in pretty designs and layouts, or your child could make a lot of animations and dabble in graphic design. It’s a lot more creative than people are led to believe, which makes it a perfect environment for children to learn and build a future career based on digital creativity. 

Gives your child skills for the future

Future skills are important for your child, especially now that the world has shifted to have a more digital purpose. Coding can give your child the head start that they might need to progress into a more modern career path. All of this can help your child capitalise on their computer skills and digital abilities from a much younger age. If children can grasp the basics at a young age this can give them such an advantage as they get older as they will already have some computer skills and knowledge. 

Have your children ever tried their hand at coding? If so, how did they get on and did they enjoy it? 



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