Wednesday 14 December 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under 10 - 2022

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Lets face it, kids are what make Christmas so magical right? Their excitement brewing through the whole of December is definitely infectious! As a parent myself now I realise that the excitement of Christmas is different, it's about getting to do all those traditions and exciting things you used to do as a child, but now with your own children and it is honestly like experiencing that childhood magical all over again.

One thing young kids are also very good at when it comes to Christmas is writing their Christmas lists! If your kids are anything like mine (when they are young with no concept of money or how much house space you actually have!) they could basically rewrite the Smyths catalogue as their Christmas lift! That is why I have put together this fun guide to help pick out some great gift suggestions to give you some inspiration when whittling down that long list to Santa! 

Geomag Supercolour - 42 Pieces

Simple elements, such as magnetic rods and metal spheres, are held together by a magical force of attraction to build amazing structures, unleashing creativity and imagination as you play. The Geomag Supercolour sets are made from 100% recycled materials and the bright colours make them an instant hit with the kids to create colour builds with the set.  The supercolour sets are available in a range of sizes (amount of pieces included) from 35 pieces all the way up to 388 pieces with a variety of kit sizes in between. 

Ridleys - Giant Bubble Set

There is something about bubbles that seem so whimsical and magical, regardless of age! Which is why I think this fantastic Giant Bubble set the Ridleys is such a great gift idea. It comes with two easy to grip, long handles bubble wands (perfect for smaller hands to grip). One wand makes the HUGE single bubbles whilst another makes a fluffy of smaller bubbles like a cloud! This fun kit comes with everything you need including as 230ml of bubble liquid to get you started.

Little Print Gives - Liberty Personalised Towel

Perhaps you have a child who attends a club or sport such as swimming where they regularly use a towel or maybe you are just looking for a useful yet personal gift. Either way these stunning Liberty Personalised Towel from Little Print Gifts ticks all the boxes. The towels are made with bright Liberty Tana Lawn and handmade to order so you know they are beautifully made with care. You can personalise them with any name you wish and in a wide range of fabric choices for the personalisation too. 

Pepper the Penguin - Car Seat Kick Mat

As soon as you have kids you quickly learn that they take over the car and you will forever be finding snacks, odd socks and various toys littered around the car. So this next gift suggestion is actually a gift for both you and them, a super fun car seat kick mat and organiser. Not only does the mat protect the back of your seats from muddy feet but it also features a tablet holder (up to 10.2in tablets) so kids can enjoy watching their tablet hands free in the car. There are also large pockets for snacks, toys, drinks etc so the kids won't lose there things whilst you are driving and can also have access to their toys and snacks even when you are driving. 

Disney Encanto - The Miracle Candle Bath Set 

Encanto took over our screens with kids everywhere loving the movie and so this bath set would make a fantastic gift or stocking filler idea for any Encanto fans. Inside you will find 1x Super soft facecloth, 3 x 70g bath fizzers, 10g Bath Soap Confetti, 1x 30ml Shimmer Body Lotion. Plus when the box is empty if you shine a torch through it you can watch the miracle candle come alive! 

Bungee Hopper - Bounce & Squeak

If you have a child that seems to have endless energy then this might just be the perfect gift for them! The Bungee Hopper is fun and exercise that kids can use both inside and outside of the home. The bungee hopper is a fun twist on the classic pogo! Simply grab the soft padded handles, plant your feet and get to hopping. The padded red base makes a funny squeaking noise with each bounce and is made of super soft foam so soft on floor and toes! 

Sky Dancers 

If you grew up in the 90's you will probably remember a version of this toy that most of us had and I was so excited to see that they were back because they are so much fun! They still work in the same way as the 90's dolls did, just pull the string on the decorated launch base and watch as the Sky Dancer doll flies into the air again and again. There are 3 different dolls to collect Miss Mint, Fuchsia Fantasy & Purple Licious and just like the originals these dolls don't require any batteries so there is endless fun to be had! 

Stabilo - Trio Deco Set 

Colouring is a classic activity that most kids love to do, so adding a few colouring and crafts bits to their presents is always a winning idea, we love Stabilo in our house as they have such a great range such as these metallic pens! The STABILO Trio DECO features 8 metallic colours for the ultimate sparkling colouring experience. The metallic fibre-tip pen makes colouring in larger areas fun and easy: thanks to the robust XL tip with a width of 3 mm it applies ink quickly to light and dark surfaces. These are also ideal for children and fits perfectly in their hands thanks to the ergonomic triangular grip zone.

If you are looking for a gift that will be both fun and useful this Christmas then a scooter ticks all the boxes. Not only will kids have hours of fun on them but they can be used for getting around places a little quicker such as the school run too! This particular scooter is one of my favourites because the bright, bold purple really stands out and the oil slick affect on the board really makes it look extra special This  scooters total height is 820mm making it perfect for kids aged between 6 and 12 plus as your child gets more confident, the bar even spins so they can use the scooter to practice tricks such as 360 degree spins and maybe even tackling some ramps!

A game all about fun, laughter, quick timing and dexterity, The Sock Game is one for the whole family to enjoy, even the younger kids. Thirty unusual objects are hidden inside a giant sock and jumbled around, then using only your sense of touch, you need to try and receive the correct item that the spinner lands on in the allotted time. But can you retrieve the right one in time? The game requires a minimum of 2 players, but you can have 2 teams if more players are involved. There are 2 socks and one player spins the board and then its a race against time over who can find the item inside their own sock the fastest, you can even add 4 of your own household items into the sock to make it more fun!

L.O.L Surprise - Nail Set 

Including a range of nail varnish colours, stickers and even a file this set contains everything your child needs for a completely fun nail transformation that they can do themselves at home. The packaging features the much loved brand L.O.L surprise and there are even a couple of extra little L.O.L surprises included in this set in the form of two "dress up" style rings and lots of stickers to add to the nails once they are dry. Since the polishes are designed for children, they are fairly easy to remove too. 

Hopefully all of these lovely gift ideas above have filled you with inspiration for all the kids in your life. From those who love getting outdoors to those who love to snuggle on the sofa, everyone is covered. Please do let me know below if you think your litltle one/s would love of toys above this Christmas! 


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