Tuesday 6 December 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens - 2022

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As children get older and turn into teens, they can become harder to buy for. Their Christmas lists are no longer full of toys and games it's more tech and gadgets (or money and vouchers!). But that doesn't mean they don't want some fun gifts to open on Christmas morning and whilst it might take a bit more looking around there are actually some pretty cool gifts available for teens on the market. 

I have put together this comprehensive list of ideas full of gifts for teens to save you scrolling through websites and scouring the shops. From beauty gifts to gadgets, games to sweets, we have something for everyone so keep reading below for some gift inspiration. 

Ticket to Ride London Game - Asmodee

This popular family friendly board game is one even the teens will love as it focuses on travel and exploring places rather than childish characters or gimmicks. In this 2-5 player board game, to earn victory points, players start with destination tickets and their aim is to collect train cards that allow them to plot out railway routes across the scenic landscapes of the continent or country they’re exploring that day, for instance in this game that place is London. The player who collects the most victory points win the game, which typically takes around 30-60 minutes to complete. Ticket to Ride is recommended for players aged 8 and above. 

Stand & Grip Case - Clckr

Teens are rarely without their trusty mobile phone devices and so accessories and gadgets for phones are usually always a win. These handy cases from Clckr not only look great and protect the user's phone but they have a few extra functions too including having an integrated universal and multi-functional phone stand and grip. Clckrs grip enables a firmer hold for safer use when using the deive and the design is compatible with most wireless chargers too. The Clckr stand means you can position the phone any way you want safely from work calls to watching movies!

Loft Bed

As the holiday season approaches, you may be searching for that perfect gift for your teenage child. Consider giving them a loft bed this Christmas. Not only is it a practical addition to their room, but it can also provide various benefits for their overall well-being. Loft beds elevate the sleeping area, creating extra space for storage or even a study area underneath. This can encourage organization and productivity, which is essential for any teenager's academic success. Additionally, BedKingdom's teenager loft bed collection can be a cozy and private space for your child to relax and unwind after a long day. 

Ice Ice Baby Due - Mylee MyGel Colour

Most teenage girls love a bit of a pamper, getting their nails done and making themselves look and feel great so this gel nail kit from Mylee means they can get festive and sparkly nails from home. This kit contains the two colours - Below Zero and Frostbite (a beautiful purple colour and a sparkly silver). Mylee's latest innovation MyGel is expertly formulated to meet the needs of professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike. Achieve durable gel nails for up to three weeks wear time without the price tag; no chipping, smudging, nicks or dents. Apply and wear with confidence knowing that MyGel is 100% safe and compliant with all UK and EU safety regulations.

Feet Pampering Products - Superdrug

Teens spend a lot of time on their feet, walking around at school or work all day, out with friends and parting the nights away somewhere fun. And whilst taking care of their feet may be the last thing on their mind a gift like this is a great reminder and a perfect way for them to practice self-care. The foot file is great for removing and hard skin whilst the cream is a great daily use moisturiser. The foot sock packs are another easy way to take of their feet than can be put on and forgotten about so great for those not wanting to make much of an effort. 

Tin of 38 Premium Colouring Pencils - STABILO

If you know a teen who loves drawing, doodling or getting creative then this beautiful gold tin packed full of 38 bright, vibrant and long-lasting colour pencils from STABILO is a great gift. With a lead diameter of 2.5mm meaning you can create hair thin lines with the highly elastic yet robust lead. These pencils are of high quality and are perfect for those who draw to study, as a job or even just as a hobby. The sleek tin also makes for fantastic storage ensuring the pencils are safe at all times and since the tin is so thin is will easily slide into a bag, draw or desk for easy storage. 

Newtons Lab Catapult - Kikkerland

When it comes to pulling pranks, teens are definitely some of the bests at it and there really is no age limit on pulling pranks which is what makes this "make your own" Catapult such a fun gift idea. The set from Newton's Lab not only teaches about the law of inertia and gravity but allows the recipient to build their very own catapult which is funny usable too! The set includes everything you need including cardboard, elastic bands, metal joints and ping pong balls. 

Lynx Africa Retro Washbag 

Is it even Christmas is you don't get a bottle of Lynx? Well, this year you can go one better and get your teen a whole set, all contained within a retro washbag that they can use as storage or as a washbag when they travel or go away. Inside the LYNX Africa retro washbag, you will find a 150ml LYNX Africa Body spray, a 225ml Bodywash and a 150ml Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray, all in the classic masculine scent of warm African spices and aromas that is LYNX Africa. The antiperspirant deodrant lasts up to 72hours giving them day to day freshness every teen can benefit from. 

Christmas Cracker Sweets - Haribo 

When it comes to teens you can barely go wrong with food, especially sweets and chocolate! Haribo is a classic household name that almost everyone loves, and their Christmas range of sweets never disappoints. That includes these fun Christmas cracker style boxes filled with classic Haribo sweet flavours such as their Tangfastics, Starmix and Giant Trees (like Giant Strawbs but with a festive makeover!). They cracker style boxes would make perfect stocking filler gifts too. 

The Christmas Express Game - Cheatwell

You are never too old for a board game and The Christmas Express is the perfect game to get kids, teens and adults all in the Christmas spirit. Climb aboard the Christmas express as you join the journey through a winter wonderland as you race against family/friends to be the first one to get to the North Pole. But make sure you avoid the Hustle Bustle, the Reindeer Crossings, the Snowstorms and maybe the naughty elf, but look out for Santa's sleigh, he might be able to help! The game is for 2-4 players and players age 6+ and is easy to follow and play along, perfect for the whole family, including the teens! 

Mechanics Gravity Elevator Circuit - Geomag

Who remembers marble run as a kid? Well, Geomag have brought out a much cooler, much more fun version that even the teens are going to love trying their hand at. The Mechanics Gravity set comes complete with 207 pieces, allowing you to build a circuit drive by the invisible forces of magnetism and gravy making this gift idea both fun and educational! Teens will need to put their thinking caps on to Learn the basics of magnetism and use them to create controlled magnetic reactions. And the great thing about this set is that if your recipients love it the set connects with other GEOMAG sets to create even more fun, tracks and madness

Slush Puppie Cup and Syrup set - Ryman

Slush Puppie is a classic household name that even I remember enjoying as a kid and it's great to know the teens of today also still love a good Slush, but what's better than a Slush Puppie? A Slush Puppie you can make endless amounts of at home of course! This fun set comes complete with a Slush Puppie cup and an authentic Slush Puppie blue raspberry slush syrup. To create this delicious icy drink, just place the cup into the freezer until frozen and then pour in your chilled syrup and slowly stir with the Slushie straw spoon provided, making sure all ice forming on the sides is scraped off.
Now all the teens need to worry about is the blue tongue everyone finds themselves with after this drink!

Yonex GR303 Badminton Racket and Net Set 

Sport is something many teens are into, whether that just be as a hobby with friends or something they take more seriously and perhaps even compete in. Either way sport has so many fantastic benefits such as keeping fit as well as helping build friendships and social skills. This Badminton set would make a perfect starter kit for someone who is just starting out or who would like a set to be able to use to play with friends at home with. It contains 4 durable steel rackets, 2 shuttles and of course the net and posts too, all contained within a handy carry and storage bag. 

Electronic Arcade Basketball Game - Ryman

Who doesn't love a trip to the arcade, teens and games (especially electronic ones) seemingly go hand in hand so whilst they might not be able to go to the arcade every day you can gift them some fun arcade games, they can play at home with their friends instead! This super cool electronic arcade basketball game from Ryman allows friends to race against the clock in a basketball shootout style game. The game even has an electronic scoreboard so you can keep track of who's winning as well as stadium sounds for that added extra effect. 

As you can see, we have tried to squeeze in lots of different options here so hopefully this like has given you some gift inspiration for the teens in your life. Let me know in the comments if anything above catches your eye! 


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