Thursday 8 December 2022

Winter Fashion Essentials for Every Woman's Wardrobe

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AD: In just a few short weeks it will officially be winter, but it certainly looks like the cold, frosty weather has made an early appearance and is here to stay, there have even been mentions of snow! And whilst I might have a bit of moan about how cold it is on those early morning school runs, when it comes to fashion and seasons, winter is definitely my favourite. I love all of the layering, the chunky knits and thick cosy materials, the loose fit, bright colours and of course all the glitter and sparkle when it comes to the Christmas parties too! 

If you're like me you have already switched out all of your summer clothes and replaced them with your autumn/winter bits but if you are needing to refresh your wardrobe or looking to update it keeping reading. In this post we are going to look at some winter wardrobe fashion staples that every woman needs in their wardrobe to see them through the season! 

Coats & Jackets 

A warm coat is an essential when it comes to winter time, even short trips to the shop can be chilly so being able to throw on a warm coat is a must. Personally I find the coats that are lined with a fleecy material seem to keep me the warmest and offer the best insulation for your body. I also prefer coats that have an elasticated wrist/waistband as this helps close up any areas when cold air might be able to sneak into when its windy or very cold. It's a good idea to look for a coat that has some degree of waterproof protection too if you can as you never know when you might get caught in a rain (or snow!) shower. 

Simple Layers 

Layers are key in winter and can be especially key if you are going to be going in and out in the day where temperatures may differ. Layering means you can add layers when you are cold and remove layers when indoors or as the day warms up without needing to fully undress or change. Every wardrobe needs some simple layers than can be paired with anything so think plain, neutral coloured vest tops, t-shirts, thin jumpers and cardigans etc. You can even layer on the bottom half too such as using a thick tights of a pair of leggings doubled up for extra warmth or underneath jeans/trousers for an extra layer. If you really suffer from the cold or maybe spend a lot of time out in it, it may be worth investing in some thermal layers such as thermal vests, tights or leggings which are designed to help you keep your body heat in. 

A Good Pair of Boots 

Our favourite heels or comfy sandals may look great but they certainly aren't practical for winter, the same often goes for trainers which whilst comfy in winter have a tendency to get wet quickly in rain or snow rendering them not the most practical for winter. Boots however are great for this season, they not only keep your feet (and legs!) warm and dry but flat boots are practical and can be style with almost any outfit. From thigh high boots for fur lined ankle boots there are plenty of options when it comes to your style too. 


When the winter seasons arrives it brings with it all of the excitement of Christmas and New Years eve. For many this will mean festive events such as work Christmas party, festive drinks/meals with friends and maybe even New Years eve parties or get togethers to attend. If this is you then you will of course need some sparkle in your winter wardrobe such as a party dress or a party top. Don't be afraid to go for something a bit special, a touch of glam, a bit of a sparkle, it is Christmas after all. 

Chunky Knit and Warm Fabrics

For those really cold days when layering simply isn't enough you want to be able to dig out your cosiest, fluffiest jumpers and snuggle up in them and they are an absolute essential in my wardrobe (and my go to most evenings to try and deter having the heating on too much as well!). This could be jumpers, cardigans or even a onesie type pyjama if you wanted to go all out comfort and definitely don't forget the fluffy socks either, a winter staple for everyone surely? 

The Accessories 

Accessorising for winter is less about jewellery and more about the practicalities, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring or drab. My must have accessories are a woolly hat or ear defenders if you wear your hair in a style that doesn't allow for a hat. Gloves, a scarf and of course fluffy socks which you can easily get away with inside your comfy boots and they make SO much difference when it comes to keeping your feet warm. 


Denim is of course something people where all year round, but in the winter season it can be particularly useful as its quite a thick material meaning it may keep you warmer than other choices. A good pair of denim jeans should be a must in every wardrobe anyway but in winter they really are a great option. They are warm and can be paired with almost anything, t-shirt and jumper for a casual daytime look to a sparkly party top for a fun evening look that is glam but still practical and warm, what's not to love right? 

So these are my winter wardrobe must haves for keeping you looking stylish but staying warm all winter long, do you have most of these things in your wardrobe? What are your winter staples that you must have every winter? Let me know in the comments below. 


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