Wednesday 18 January 2023

How to Raise an Academically Minded Child

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AD: Academics are an important element of anyone’s development into further studies, even when they land their first job or are changing careers everything will route back to where their learning began and how that journey went. A child’s progression through school is a big factor in where your child goes in terms of their further studies and how it will help them in life. This is why raising an academically minded child is really important and starts when they are young. 

Here are some ways you can help your child become more academically minded and help them build their future from an early age. 

Make learning enjoyable

First and most important is to make learning fun and to ensure your child doesn't feel pressured or stressed when they are learning. Learning is a fun and engaging experience for everyone, which is why children should feel like they are gaining an advantage in developing their education. Use lots of different games to keep your child engaged, look into different ways to help your child through apps and other activities, and feel excited about the prospect of learning. The fact you’re feeling enthused alone will help your child appreciate their educational journey.

Explore different clubs that test your child’s learning

Trying many new clubs is a fantastic way for children to discover new likes and dislikes, try new hobbies, gain new skills and make new friends, to name just a few of the benefits. Just like the ones provided at these private schools in London, they can help your child find out what they really enjoy about their education and beyond. There are so many different areas to learning that it could be a great way to help your child find the fun in learning. It also means that they have a good opportunity to develop their skills in other areas in the future.

Ensure your child is looking to the future

A lot of careers rely on the academic prowess of their future employees. Having someone that hasn’t been to university isn’t a drawback, but it can be a favoring decision for hiring managers. With that in mind, your child should be working towards heading to university or developing themselves academically. Especially as children get into secondary school and may be looking at picking their options. If they have a career in mind ensure they are considering which options might be the most relevant and help them progress into further education or a career. 

Apply all that your child knows to more developed ways of learning that will guide them toward academics in a more natural way. Remember that it is important not to add any stress or pressure on children, learning should be fun and ultimately and additional learning should be guided by a child so ensure you are listening to what they want to learn about and adapt ways around that. And keep in mind what your child wants out of school life - do they have a career or study path in mind?


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