Wednesday 1 February 2023

The Importance of History Lessons for Children

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AD: History is an important lesson for us all to learn about, whilst it might seem irrelevant to learn about things that have happened in the past, it's actually really important that we DO learn about them. The events and actions of history have a lot to do with how we live in the modern day which is why is so important for all children to be expected to learn history in primary and secondary school.

 Thereafter, they will have the option of continuing with the subject through to GCSE and A level. The reason why it has such a key focus is that it helps children in understanding the wider world. History shapes both the present and future; in learning about it, they can understand why things are the way they are. It also happens to be a subject that children enjoy learning about. According to research, history’s the second most favoured subject taught at school. 

Below are some more interesting facts from a private school in Cheshire on history and its role in education.

Moral Values

History can teach children important moral values to live by, like the importance of fairness and standing up for what’s right. Some awful things have happened throughout history, and learning about them can ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself. Learning about history can also help us understand why some things happened and about the different values people may have held in the past. 


Children can learn about their culture and its roots, as well as others and how they have contributed to the modern world. It enables them to form their own sense of identity and respect for those other than their own as well as seeing how some cultures have been formed over history and why certain things are the way they are today.


They will also come across influential people that have changed the world and left behind legacies. It can inspire them to do something noble and create positive change in the world. It may inspire people to become passionate about a different cause or change their position in how they feel about certain things having known the full fact behind the history of something.


We have those brave individuals to be grateful for, like the Pankhursts and Suffragettes who fought for women’s rights to vote in the UK. Without their work, the world would be a very different place. Children are also able to get an education, whereas centuries ago they would have had to work instead to help provide for their families. By learning these topics, they can develop an appreciation for these small luxuries which we often overlook.

Is history a topic your children are interested in? 


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