Tuesday 4 April 2023

5 Things to Consider When you Become a Parent

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AD: Becoming a parent is one of the biggest changes we can make in our lives, it takes us from people to parents, from an independent to having someone dependent on us. So it of course goes without saying that when a baby or a child comes into our lives everything changes, and we ourselves have to make some big changes too. This might include moving home for more space, taking out life insurance for peace of mind or finding a new job, to name a few. 

If you are about to become a new parent and are wondering what changes you might need to make to your lifestyle keep reading below. 

Taking out Life Insurance

One of the first things many expectant parents may want to consider if taking out life insurance if they don't already have a policy in place. Welcoming a new little person to the world means another little person to consider and pay for if the worst was to happen and taking out life insurance is such a quick and easy way to offer such a big peace of mind. For many young parents taking out a life insurance policy is quick and easy with no medical exam needed, just a few forms and questions. 

Your Marriage or Partner

This might seem a bit strange as you are fully focused on welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world, however, that is the exact reason why you need to take time to consider your marriage/partner. It can be so easy to get swept up in the stress, worry, anxiety, joy and multitude of feelings that come with being parents that it can be easy to forget to reconnect with each other and not just as parents once in a while. 

Try to make time to still fit in a date night, even if that date night is a home-cooked meal and film at home where you promise not to talk about parent things for an hour. Ask each other how they are feeling, and don't turn everything into a competition (you can both equally be exhausted, one doesn't have to be worse off). Just remember that becoming a parent is a huge adjustment for both people but you loved each other before the baby came along for so many reasons so make sure you remind each other of those reasons from time to time and remember you are more than just parents. 


Before becoming a parent you may have been able to spend any spare money on luxuries or time away without really thinking too much about it. However, when a baby comes along you might be surprised at just how much money you need to raise a baby. From all the baby essentials to the extra costs for holidays or days out, even your food shop will feel the hit. But that's not all, when you have a baby you also need to think about budgeting for the long term too. School uniforms, clubs, and hobbies, college or university in the future, cars, savings, etc. If you plan on opening a savings account for your child this is also another thing you will need to budget for. 

Working Hours and Your Career

If you and your partner both work it is worth discussing how you see your career looking in the future once the baby arrives so that everyone is on the same page. Of course, there is maternity and paternity pay, to begin with, but how do you see things looking beyond this? Will you both return to work, if so have you factored in nursery costs or will you be reliant on family to help? If only one of you is returning, how does the other really feel about this and will there be an opportunity for them to return in the future? The last thing you want is to either be faced with an unaffordable nursery bill, but you also don't want one parent to feel like they have given up a career and resent the other either. 

It's a tricky one to navigate so make sure you both are on the same page to ensure arguments don't arise later on once the baby is here. 

Parenting style, morals, and beliefs

Last but most definitely not least, before you consider starting the journey into parenthood with anyone it is so important to ensure that what you both want aligns. That your parenting styles aren't going to clash from day one and an instant battle ensues over how baby will be raised. 

The likelihood is that if you know someone well enough to consider having a baby with them, you will know a fair bit about them anyway. But raising a baby together is a whole new ball game so having that discussion is super important. Discuss your feelings on feeding, sleeping, how involved the family will be, schooling etc open conversation is key to ensure everyone is happy. 

Parenthood is a unique journey and every moment from getting pregnant to bringing your new bundle home is special. To ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible, consider the tips above to stay on top of things to consider before you become a parent. 


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