Saturday 8 April 2023

How Long Does It Take to See the First Progress After Starting a Mewing Program

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AD: Cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical enhancements such as botox and fillers have become more and more popular over the last few years with people looking to use these enhancements to change the way they look. However, there are also a number of ways we can change the way we look (or enhance it) using non-surgical methods, in fact, they require nothing but movement, almost like exercises for your face! One of these is mewing, mewing went viral some time ago now and many people claim its effectiveness. However, it is worth knowing how much time you have to give your practice to see some effects. In this article, you will find information about how soon you can see progress and the factors that can influence the time of seeing your first results. 

In this article, you will find information about how soon you can see progress and the factors that can influence the time of seeing your first results. 
If you are unsure what mewing is, it is a technique in which you press your tongue to the roof of your mouth in an effort to make the jaw look more defined and squared. Over time people who do this almost seem to retrain their tongue to sit in this position rather than at the bottom of their mouth as it would normally sit. 

What Influences the Time to See Changes After Starting a Mewing Program?

How soon you see your results of mewing is determined by many factors. Have them in mind while monitoring your progress. 

If you are consistent and mew the recommended amount of time a day, you can change your face shape in less than a year. Even though it might seem like it, the human facial skeleton is not fixed, so you can change some of its structures. 

You can see results faster if you learn how to mew properly more quickly. Experts from the Mewing coach app prepared a program that can improve your technique in no time, increasing your chances of seeing results sooner. 

The younger you are, the quicker you can see results. Some teenagers can see differences in just a few months. However, after 25-30 years of age, the chances for a quick face reshape drastically drop, but you can still enhance your jawline and ‘create’ the face you want. You just need more time. People above 30 can notice half or one-millimeter changes in a year. That might seem like a little, but those small numbers add up and they can change your appearance dramatically.

How Do You Know If Mewing Is Working? 

Of course, if you embark on a journey like this, you want to know if you are actually making any progress. Be sure that your mewing technique is proper. You don’t want to waste time on exercising incorrectly and not seeing any changes. 

To see if you are progressing, take a picture of yourself before starting mewing, and then repeat it after a few months. The picture should be taken from the profile. You should stand naturally, but straight. If in the next pictures, you notice that your shoulders and back are straighter and that you can notice your jaw muscles while having your mouth closed, it means you are on the way to your dream facial features.

How Long Do Mewing Results Last?

Similar to postural exercises, mewing can last a long time if you keep up with a good oral posture. Be sure that you place your tongue in the proper way to not lose the results that you worked so hard for. Even in the case of younger people who experience dramatic changes soon after starting mewing, and who can expect longer-lasting effects, keeping good oral posture is the key to enjoying the results for a long time.

Have you ever tried mewing before and if so, did you see any results yourself?


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