Wednesday 17 May 2023

The Beginner's Guide to Buying a Walk-In Shower for Your Bathroom

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AD: Are you considering a bathroom upgrade with a new shower enclosure? Although, the 1200 x 800mm shower enclosure is usually a preferred choice.  But In recent years, walk-in shower enclosures have gained popularity among homeowners too. Whether it's for improving the aesthetics, increasing functionality, or simply modernising the space, a walk-in shower can be a great investment.

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However, before planning, it's important to consider the pros and cons of this type of enclosure. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the advantages and disadvantages of walk-in shower enclosures.

Things To Consider While Thinking of Installing a Walk-In Shower Enclosure

There are a lot of important things to keep in mind when you decide to install it. Some of them are as follows.

Size and design:

The size and design of your bathroom play an important role when buying a walk-in shower enclosure. Measure the space where you will place the walk-in shower enclosure while also considering the remaining space in your bathroom and whether it is enough for you. You can also add additional features to your walk-in shower enclosure. They come in many sizes for different layouts of the bathroom.

The dilemma of a door:

The most defining feature of a walk-in shower enclosure is whether it has a door or not. Without the door, you have the advantage of easily accessing it. These enclosures are more open, and they create an airy environment in your bathroom. Naturally, it looks like you have a very spacious bathroom. The only con of a no-door walk-in shower enclosure is privacy. Most people value privacy a lot, so they like to install a door or a curtain to ensure their safeguard. If you would like a door, then there are different types of doors that you can choose.

Protection from water splashes

A shower enclosure is only as good as its waterproofing. If water leaks from it, then there is absolutely no way that you will like it because it will make a mess of your bathroom every time you take a shower. Use good material to ensure high resistivity against water. Make sure the walls, floor, and enclosure have water-resistant material and there are not any gaps between them.

Proper drainage.

It goes without saying the drainage system must work in your walk-in shower enclosure because the water can easily find its way to your bathroom floor. Your bathroom has to be in such a way that the water only escapes through the drainage pipes.

Some nice touches.

After all the basic steps, you might want to add something of your own or some nice elements that will make your showering experience more comfortable. This type of installation includes showerheads, floor design, and many other things. Choose the material which will suit you best.

Installing a walk-in shower is a big task to undertake. It is recommended to hire a professional for it or follow the manufacturer’s guide.

Types Of Walk-In Shower Enclosures

Several types of walk-in shower enclosures are available in the market to satiate a person’s desire. These enclosures are the following:

1.    Open walk-in showers:

A walk-in shower with no enclosure is known as an open walk-in shower. It has no door and no walls. It creates an open atmosphere in your shower area as well as your bathroom. Its disadvantage is that it does not offer any privacy. They are ideal for small bathrooms.

2.    Glass enclosures:

These types of enclosures offer a spacious feel because their enclosure is of transparent glass. They also provide privacy to an extent. There is a wide range of designs and styles to choose from.

3.    Shower stalls:

Stalls are also enclosed with a certain type of material in a specified place in your bathroom. They are a very nice type of walk-in shower enclosure if you value your privacy. In addition to that, these come with a door which may be hinged or a sliding one, and come in a variety of materials.

4.    Steam Showers:

Posh or rich people generally use these types of walk-in showers. It has a steam generator which creates a relaxing environment in your shower area. They are quite comfortable for you if you work a lot in a day. It develops an atmosphere of a sauna in your bathroom.

5.    Walk-in tubs:

The type of walk-in shower, which includes a combination of both a bathtub and a walk-in shower, is known as a walk-in tub. Sometimes wanted to just relax after a long day of work. Here is the answer for you! People who need the relaxation of a bathtub and also a shower choose walk-in tubs for their ease.

Be sure to check the size of your bathroom and choose accordingly and also, which material will suit you and your bathroom environment better.

Benefits Of Walk-In Showers

  • The top advantages of selecting walk-in showers are the following:
  • Easy to maintain and clean due to their open design.
  • Easily accessible even if you decide to install a door or an enclosure.
  • You can custom add a lot more to your walk-in shower according to your taste.
  • It increases the value of your house, due to which its resale price increases.
  • They help in making your bathroom an elegant one. If you use high-quality material, then its beauty may increase many folds.

Additionally, a walk-in shower is a great addition to your bathroom. It gives a nice comfortable environment while also making it eye-pleasing. If you're ever going to renovate your bathroom, you must invest in walk-in showers because it enhances the look of your bathroom and your house.


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  1. This beginner's guide to buying a walk-in shower was a lifesaver! The step-by-step instructions, design options, and emphasis on safety features were incredibly helpful. Thanks to this blog post, I feel confident and excited about transforming my bathroom into a more accessible and stylish space.