Sunday 16 July 2023

5 Ways to Unwind that are Totally FREE!

 **Collaborative Post** 

AD: Life gets busy for us all sometimes, whether it's work commitments, family, or just day-to-day jobs, sometimes we all just need a break to de-stress and to take a little time for ourselves. It's something many of us, myself included, often forget but running on empty isn't good for anyone, which is why it is so important to factor in a little time for yourself now and again, even if it means having to clear a little time, you will thank yourself later on! 

Taking time for yourself helps you stay healthy and happy and can be beneficial to things like your job and your friends and family as the more relaxed and stress-free you are, the better for everyone. And taking time to unwind doesn't have to cost the earth either, in fact here are 5 ways that you can take time to yourself and unwind that are completely free! 

Go for a walk and take a picnic 

If you work in an office job or spend a lot of your time at home or in a building/work space, just getting outside can be a great way to unwind (weather permitting of course). One of my favourite ways to relax or something I love doing when I need time to think without all the noise is to pack myself up a delicious picnic at home and head to a quiet space. This could be a field, a local park, or just an area that is calm, quiet, and that you feel relaxed in. Then just roll out a blanket and sit back and enjoy your lunch. No time pressures, no annoying noises, the breeze in your hair, the sun on your skin, nowhere else to be. It really is quite relaxing and if you have time to spare you could even take a book to read, there is just something different about reading outside, sitting in the grass with the sun shining on you. 

Play Free Games 

Now you might be thinking that games are for kids, but that is where you would be wrong! There have actually been studies looking into adults playing video games and games on their devices etc and it has been proven they can really help us destress and unwind. Perhaps it is something to do with taking us back to our childhood or perhaps it's concentrating on the game so your mind is able to switch off from all its worries even if it's just in the moment. 

Some of my favourite free online games are simulation games such as Farm Town where I can transport myself from my mundane day-to-day responsibilities to running a farm. Seeing the tasks tick off, making money, and completing goals is strangely satisfying and since the game is pretty easy to follow you don't really need to think about it too much either so it's really relaxing too. I also love playing classic games such as Cooking Mahjong which is a foodie take on the classic Mahjong game where rather than matching the same tiles, you match 3 tiles together which makes a meal, it takes a little more thinking and really gets your brain working as the levels get harder! 

Invite your friends round

Sometimes we might not feel like company but once we get out we actually have a great time, the same can be said about organising a get-together. It might feel like a bit of a faff, or like you would rather just go home and relax, but having friends around is a great fun, free way to really lift your spirits. Whether you need to vent about an annoyance or just need an excuse for gossip and a giggle, I bet your friends will thank you for the get-together too and you will all leave feeling much better having had someone to talk to! 

Find a new series or Film to watch 

If you fancy unwinding alone then you really can't beat a film night, personally, I love throwing on an old classic but if you don't have much of a film collection or fancy watching something new why not swap subscriptions with a friend? Or arrange a DVD swap with friends or colleagues and then you all have something new to watch without spending a penny. If you want to splash out you could grab a bottle of wine or some delicious snacks to enjoy with your movie, or just prepare yourself something you have at home to keep costs down. 

At-home spa day 

We all need a bit of TLC sometimes but we often forget to give it to ourselves and end up run down and fed up. Whilst a trip to the spa might sound lovely it can be costly and not always practical. If this is the case for you, why not create your own spa day at home, lock the door, close the curtains, light some candles, and put on some relaxing music. You will likely have some facemasks etc at home but if you haven't you can either pick these up cheap OR look online for recipes for homemade facemasks, hair masks, and scrubs you can make with things you likely have around the home such as fruit, veg, and salts, etc. 

These are just a few, totally free ways you could relax and unwind without spending a penny, if you have any more ideas please do share them in the comments below, you never know who they might help! And don't forget to make time for yourself, you are worth it! 


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