Sunday 30 July 2023

JamDoughnut - The Cash Back App That Will Change How You Shop! + £2 FREE to get you started

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AD: I don't know about you, but I am always looking for ways to save a bit of money. I mean let's be fair, in the current climate many of us are feeling the pinch and not just on luxuries either, on day-to-day things like food and fuel etc. I have used cashback apps in the past which have earnt me some money back however they often have long waiting periods for you to actually see any money in your account which can be frustrating. So when I was offered the chance to try out a new cashback-style app called JamDoughnut I was definitely intrigued. 

JamDoughnut is completely different to other cashback sites and apps you might have used before and the biggest selling point for me is no long waits for cashback! Intrigued? Keep reading below to find out more and to see how you could earn cashback just for downloading the app, totally FREE! 

What is JamDoughnut?

JamDoughnut is a cashback app but with a big difference! Whilst with other cashback apps you have to remember to click through a certain link and then wait for your purchase to be verified (which often takes months and months to do) JamDoughnut offers you cashback without the wait. Instead of clicking through a link, with JamDoughnut you actually purchase gift cards for your chosen stores and then earn points (which are then converted to pounds) on the purchases you make. This means that your points are available almost immediately and once you ready £10 worth of points you can cash out, which again is pretty instant and often lands in your bank account the same day! 

You will find retailers on there that you most likely use regularly such as Tesco, Morrisons (inc fuel), B&M, Aldi, Costa, and Sainsbury's. But there is also a wide range of eating-out retailers such as Flaming Grill, Hungry Horse, Farmhouse Inns, and even places such as Pizza Hut! In fact, there are retailers for the following categories -

- Eating Out 

- Events and Entertainment 

- Groceries

- Health and Wellness

- Home & Garden 

- Shopping & Fashion 

- Takeaway 

- Travel and Holiday 

- + A special "top 10 offers this week" category where you will find 10 of the best offers that week on the app, it's always worth a browse!

How do you get started and claim your first cashback? 

1. Download the JamDoughnut app, you do this vis this link - JamDoughnut download link

2. To get you started use the referral code DPAB this will get you 200 points (or £2) before you have even started shopping. 

3. Scroll through all the retailers available and get familiar with the app and all of the amazing retailers on it! 

4. Purchase your first gift card, spotted a retailer you are about to shop with, or one that you use regularly? Click on the retailer and click "purchase securely", then simply type in how much you want to purchase (min £10 - max £500) and purchase. Your voucher will then be saved into your "wallet" on the app and can be used at any time. 

5. Your points will also be added to your jam jar which you can then redeem once you reach 1000 points (or £10 in cash, 100 points = £1). 

If you purchase a gift card and use less than its value the rest of the gift card will be saved for you to use on your next trip too so you will never be left out of pocket. 

How much can you expect to earn? 

JamDoughtnut claims that you can earn up to £800 a year and I can see how this might be possible if for example, you made a few big purchases (for example you can get cashback on booking holidays etc). However for most people, I would say around £10 - £30 a month would be a more reasonable estimate (but let's face it that's money you would have spent anyway so its essentially free money for doing your usual shopping, who would say no to that, whatever the amount!). You can also earn more by recommending the app to friends, in fact if you love it as much as I do, recommending will come easily and you can earn up to £4 for every friend you recommend who signs up!

The Benefits of JamDoughnut over other Cashback apps

The biggest selling point for me personally is that cashback is almost instant and you can easily keep track of it from the app on your phone. No weeks or months of waiting (I waited almost 7 months for cashback to go into my account from another cashback app once!). The cash-out amount is low at just £10 too so you aren't left waiting forever to get your own money back. 

I also like that it can almost help me budget each month. If I want to set myself a monthly Costa budget for example. Not only will I get 8% cashback (current rate) but I can preload a gift card with the amount I want to spend that month and once it's gone, it's gone. The same could be used for your weekly food shops etc, not only is it handy to get cashback but it can help save you from overspending too.

And finally unlike other cashback sites which are predominantly to be used when online shopping, JamDoughnut can be used in-store as well as online which makes it super versatile and means you never have to miss out on getting cashback whether you shop in-store or online. 

Are there any cons to using JamDoughnut?

Personally, I prefer JamDoughnut to any other cash-back site I have used, it is handy to have on my phone, and easy to use. However, I guess the only downside I could see people having is the reluctance to want to prepurchase gift cards as they will obviously have an expiry date. It is also a new app and understandably people are wary of using new things, however, hopefully, this post has given you a little bit of confidence to give it a try. 

It is also worth noting that currently, JamDoughnut has around 150 retailers currently listed with cash vary from beauty retailers to supermarkets such as ALDI and Tesco to name a few. Whilst it may not have the 100s like other cash-back apps right now, it is still growing and I think when people catch on this app could be a huge winner. 

My Final Thoughts on the App

For me personally, using the app is a bit of a no-brainer. I mean who wouldn't want to save money on their regular day-to-day purchases in a climate where quite frankly every pound counts. It is super simple and easy to use in an age where we almost always have our mobile phones to hand anyway and getting your cashback is so quick and easy, using the app really is so stress-free and simple, it just so easily slots into day to day life so much so that before you know it you will be checking the app before making any purchases without even realising I think! 

I usually know roughly how much I am going to spend when I do things like my weekly shop so I just purchase a gift card as I am heading out the door and it's there ready to use when I get to the til, I just show the cashier my phone with the gift card code, they scan it and its done. 

As I mentioned above, if you fancy giving the app a try (it's free to download so you have nothing to lose), you can use my code DPAB to get £2 or 200 points absolutely free with your first purchase. 

If you have the app or decide to download it please do let me know what you think and the kind of savings you have managed to make using the app. 


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  1. Great review! I've been debating getting this app but it sounds like a no brainer!