Thursday 24 August 2023

5 Children's Bedroom Ideas for Autumn/Winter

 **Collaborative Post**

AD: Can you believe that in less than a month summer will be over and Autumn will officially be here? Whilst I love summer and being out in the sunshine, Autumn and Winter are definitely my favourite seasons. I love all the colours and crisp breeze that Autumn brings and well Christmas.. need I say any more about why I love Winter? But with the changing seasons come changing weather and you might be starting to think about how you can make some changes around the home, turning it from cool and breezy for summer to warm and cosy for Autumn/Winter. 

If you are thinking of some redecorating or moving around your home to get ready for the autumn/winter these tips may help when it comes to your bedrooms. 

Check your mattress and consider a topper

Did you know that when it comes to picking a mattress you can actually purchase mattresses that are designed with two sides, one for summer and one for winter, in the same mattress! The "winter side" is often filled with warmed heat-retaining materials such as merino wool. Whereas the "summer side" is often made using lighter more breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. Of course, I do not suggest you rush out to buy a new mattress when yours is perfectly fine but this is definitely something to consider for the future if the seasons and weather affect your sleep! These are available in all sizes from single beds to king/queen-size beds. 

If you don't have one of these mattresses and you find your mattress is more designed for summer you could consider purchasing a mattress topper as a more cost-effective way of helping your mattress retain heat in the winter. You can get a range of toppers including memory foam, duck feather & down, or wool to name a few. 

Ensure you have the correct TOG rating duvet

Every duvet has a TOG rating, if you don't know what this means a TOG rating stands for "Thermal Overall Rating" and it basically acts as a measure as to how well your duvet can/will retain heat. TOG ratings vary between 3 being the lowest and 15 being the highest, duvet TOG ratings increase in increments of 1.5. In the summer you will probably look for something around a 4.5 as you want something lightweight and cool. However in the winter, most people will look for something at least at 10.5 TOG or above, this gives you a thicker duvet that will retain much more heat. As long as you wash and store them correctly you can use duvets for more than one season just be sure to store your summer one properly when you swap it out and you can bring it back out again next year when the sun reappears! 

Layers & Blankets 

Just like how we might layer our clothing in colder weather, we can adapt the same idea to our bedding too. Whilst you have your usual duvet on the bed all year round, why not add a few blankets of varying thickness to the bottom of your bed? This way if you get too warm (perhaps when the heating comes on) you can swap the duvet for a thick blanket. But when its really cold and you need some extra warmth you can layer those blankets on top of your duvet until you feel warm enough. Not only that but having a few blankets at the bottom of the bed makes them perfect for grabbing in the morning when getting up on a chilly morning, just wrap one around your shoulders to make those cold starts or early morning toilet trips a little more bearable! 

Move around the room to make the most of the heat 

During the summer months, you may have moved your bedroom around to ensure air could circulate properly or perhaps put your bed near the window to benefit from the cooler air. However, in the winter, you might want to consider another move around to benefit from heat sources and move your bed away from drafts. So try not to have your bed directly under a window or right next to a door, these are most likely to set drafts in and heat out so can be the coldest places in the room. Instead, move your bed nearest to the radiator but always make sure you keep the radiator free and don't block it! If you block it with a bed or other furniture you will prevent heat from circulating the room. 

If you don't have the option to move furniture around due to space etc you could look at purchasing a small single bed to fit into the space. Or try using things like draft excluders to cover any obvious gaps around doors etc. and you can even get foil sheets to put behind the radiator to ensure heat isn't absorbed into the wall and is pushed out into the room instead.

Thermal or thicker curtains 

During the winter months, a lot of heat can be lost through the windows even when closed. Often windows will have vents that need to remain open all year round which can let out heat but even the newest windows will lose some degree of heat. One way around this is to invest in some thermal or super thick, lined curtains. Both will work in the same way in that they will not only keep out any unwanted light in the mornings but they will also help keep the heat in too.

What adaptions or changes do you make to your bedroom in the winter to help keep your warm and cosy whilst you sleep in colder months. Let me know in the comments below, your ideas may help someone else out too. 


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