Friday 18 August 2023

Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument?

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AD: In a world that is drowning in technology and constant changes and advancements, the simple joys of listening to music often serve as a gateway to peace and refuge from the buzz of the globe. The power of music resonates deeply with both young and old people, which can help connect those of all ages. As a parent, introducing your child to the world of music can be one of the most precious gifts you ever offer them. Learning to play a musical instrument isn't just about producing melodies, it's also about growth, emotional well-being, and creating lifelong skills that will extend far beyond musical domains. 

Keep reading for some advice from this pre-prep school in Bristol, on if you should encourage your child to learn an instrument.

Cognitive development

Learning to play an instrument has proven to have a profound impact on cognitive development. Studies have shown that musical training can enhance different cognitive functions, such as memory, problem-solving, and spatial awareness skills. Taking up the practice of learning a musical instrument, will ensure your child's brain engages in complex processes, therefore strengthening it. On top of this, playing a musical instrument also requires multitasking, which is a great ability that can help individuals manage different tasks effectively.

Emotional expression

It can be agreed that music is a universal language, that allows individuals to express their emotions and connect with those around them on a deeper level. Learning an instrument can provide your child with a creative outlook to express their feelings, especially ones that might be difficult to express verbally. As they pour their emotions into their art, they will begin to develop a healthy outlet, which can help them release stress and tension.

Open up Future Opportunities

If your child really falls in love with playing a certain instrument and becomes really good at it, this can actually lead to lots of exciting opportunities from entering competitions, joining orchestras or even turning their love of music and their instrument into a job or hobby that could make them money! Of course, this is looking into the future but if music is something your child loves just think of all the possibilities available if you are able to nurture and blossom that love and passion. 

Just Remember...

One last thing to consider before you commit is the cost and commitment involved from parents as well as the child. Before you start splashing out on instruments, try renting first, this way if your child changes their mind you won't have spent as much. Also remember that when taking lessons their is a level of cost and commitment involved on you as the parent, paying for classes and ensuring your child is there on time every day. However, whilst the benefits definitely outweigh the cons but do keep these points in mind. 

So, the answer here is, yes. If your child has the space in their schedule to pick up the practice of an instrument, then support them and help them attain this great skill that can bring both success and happiness to their life.

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