Tuesday 26 September 2023

Scandi Home Décor Ideas

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As we say goodbye to summer for another year, Autumn is already very much here with the colder, wetter weather, the leaves scattered across payments, and the green trees and blue skies of summer have swiftly changed to orange and golden hues of leaves and beautiful sunsets. With the colder weather and darker nights creeping in many of us start to look for ways in which we can make our homes feel more cosy and warm. One style that always screams snuggly winter vibes is the Scandi style! 

Keep reading this post to discover some Scandi home décor ideas you could use to transform your home this autumn/winter.

If you are wondering what the "Scandi" décor actually is it stands for "Scandinavian Design" and it is all about creating a calming and relaxing environment with plenty of storage and functionality. Scandi design is known for its simple and minimalist yet functional look and it encourages the use of natural materials, neutral colours, and comforting textures. But the great thing about that is, if you love the Scandi look it can be easy to adapt to your own home, here are some of our ideas on how below. 

Plantation Shutters 

One way of incorporating the Scandi interior design is to install plantation shutters, they’re timeless and classic, and the neutral colours suit the Scandi colour schemes. These window shutters, available from California shutters are available in a number of different styles including full height, tiered, and "café" styles as well as 8 different colours for most styles ranging from white up to a dark grey with a number of cream, brown and grey shades in between so suit all home décor styles. 

The Plantation Shutter from California Shutter Plantation design is made to measure to ensure the perfect fit and the top quality materials are used to ensure a luxury finish that will last for years to come. 

Plus if you are redesigning on a budget, California Shutters offers a range of DIY shutters at affordable low cost (compared to full-service shutter installations) and they will help you every step of the way with easy-to-follow guides that talk you through every step from ordering your new shutters right through to tips on installing them in your home. So whatever your budget is, if you are looking to achieve the Scandi look, Plantation shutters can really help create the look. 

Add Texture 

The Scandi look is all about natural materials and neutral tones so adding texture through furnishings and accessories is a great way to really make the room feel cosy. Furniture using natural wood is always a winner such as a table or a sideboard perhaps, it could even be painted in a natural colour with a natural wood top. Another way to add texture is through your accessories such as pillows and throws for example. Using natural wool for a large throw on the sofa or a faux fur rug can really add a touch of warmth whilst in keeping with the Scandi minimalist feel. 

Bring the Outside in

Houseplants are another Scandi décor staple and are a great way to add another texture to the design as well as a pop of fresh, bright colour! Plants can also add different levels to your design too from hanging plants that bring life to the ceiling of a room to tall plants that can add height. There is also something about plants that just seems to make a space feel calm, I guess like sitting outside when you can see plants, etc. bringing them into your home has the same calming effect. 

Ambient Lighting 

Lighting is a big thing in Scandi design and this is because in Scandinavia they suffer from long, dark winters which is why the Scandi style focuses so much on light from using light, bright colours on the walls to the actual lighting itself. When thinking of lighting for your Scandi-inspired décor think of "candlelight" rather than bright light. You are looking for warm, more amber tones that the bright white neon tones you may find in more modern or commercial lighting. 

To keep in keeping with the Scandi style try using other ways of creating light than just using the main overhead light for the room. You could do this using floor or table lamps, wall lights, or even a mixture of these with candles too. Floor lamps are a great focal feature and in keeping with the Scandi style can be used to provide light to where it is needed rather than lighting a whole room. 

Calm and Neutral Colours 

Using neutral colours is probably the most recognisable feature of Scandi Décor as mentioned above this is done for a number of reasons including to help with lighting and to be in keeping with a minimalist look. It also allows other things to stand out such as a featured piece of furniture or a feature of the home perhaps. But this doesn't mean you can add pops of colour into your home if you love colour but still want to achieve a Scandi-style finish. You could add a pop of yellow, orange, greens, browns, etc all would fit well with a neutral colour scheme whilst adding a focal pop of colour. Colour could be added via the walls or through furniture and accessories. 

Most mostly you want to really focus on neutral earthy tones, these are what will help bring out all of the beautiful textures in your home. 

So if you are considering adopting a more Scandi style into your home this winter, hopefully, these tips have helped. Please do let me know your favourite bit about the Scandi décor style you love in the comments below. 


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