Thursday 12 October 2023

5 Reasons to Consider Spain for Your Next Holiday

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AD: With winter's colder wet weather settling in, I am already missing those long summer days and the warmer weather. I don't know about you but when winter settles in it always makes me want to book a holiday somewhere nice and warm so I usually book my holiday for the following year so I have something to look forward to over the winter months. If like me you are already thinking of your next holiday and are looking for somewhere sunny, full of history, great food and beautiful beaches you should consider holidays to Spain for your next trip. 

With so much to offer Spain is a great place to consider for your next trip, if you still aren't convinced keep reading to find out my top 5 reasons why Spain makes a great holiday destination.

Beautiful Beaches 

If relaxing on the beach and taking a tip in the ocean is your idea of a great holiday you will be spoilt for choice with the miles of beautiful beaches in Spain. Due to Spain's peninsular location in Europe, it boasts two coastlines, one along the Mediterranean and one along the Atlantic together they create over 5000km of stunning beaches and coastline for you to explore. 

There are also beaches to suit everyone from the more lively with beach bars dotted along them for those looking for a more lively experience to those more secluded and quiet for those wanting to relax and take in the beautiful scenery. 

History and Culture 

With 47 UNESCO-listed sites to discover (the country with the third most UNESCO sites in the world), Spain is the perfect holiday destination for those wanting to explore a rich and interesting history and explore a destination rich in culture and history. 

Whether it's the cobbled streets lined with whitewash houses and wrought iron balconies, the historic stone castles, the ancient ruins, or perhaps it is the idea of visiting the spots that inspired Picasso. Everywhere you visit in Spain you can find a glimpse of its history and culture making it a real delight to just wander around taking everything in. The Spanish locals are usually super friendly too and usually only too happy to tell you more about the history and culture of Spain if you take the time to listen. 

There are also a wide range of festivals that take place in Spain which are often a mix of religious and cultural festivals. It is hard to know the exact number of festivals that take place although in 2021 it is believed there were over 800! 

Island Life 

When you think of Spain you may think of mainland Spain which is most popular with visitors, however, there are also other islands to consider visiting! These include islands such as Mallorca, Cies Islands, Lanzarote, Ibiza, Tenerife, Tabarca, and Menorca to name a few. Most of the islands tend to have a much more relaxed atmosphere than the Spanish mainland but all are rich in culture, and delicious food, and offer their own unique thing. From the islands, you can also enjoy excursions such as boat trips and unique shopping experiences. 

Delicious Food & Drink

One reason many people enjoy visiting Spain (and really miss it when they leave) is the food! From beautiful wines and fruity cocktails to rich oils, fresh olives, gazpacho and tapas. And who can forget the Paellas and huge array of seafood on offer wherever you go. The food in Spain is often fresh, vibrant, and packed full of flavour. It is made with recipes and techniques that have been passed down through history making the food some of the best you will taste anywhere. 

The food in Spain often differs between regions so for example the food you find in Barcelona may be totally different to that you might find on one of the islands. Of course, it is all delicious but most regions will have their own "specialties" so make sure you try as many as you can, you won't be disappointed! 

Sunny Climate

Most people go on holiday to escape the wet, dreary weather, especially us Brits! So if a sunny climate and blue skies are what you are looking for then Spain is the answer. It boasts a Mediterranean, almost subtropical climate meaning that even in Winter you can still get some sun! For example, Las Palma in Gran Canarias has average temperatures of 21 degrees between January and March! 

In fact, Spain has around 3000 hours of sunshine every year and whilst temperatures are mild there is still a difference in temperatures during the seasons. So if you are looking to visit before it gets too hot you are best off visiting between March and June where you will find temperatures mild yet warm, allowing you to explore and move around without too much intense heat. If it is intense heat you are looking for then visiting during the summer months (June to September) is for you, during these months temperatures regularly rise above 30 and rarely go below 20, even during the evenings! 

Hopefully this has helped you get inspired to book your next break and perhaps explore some of the amazing things Spain has to offer! Would you consider Spain for your next holiday? If so which parts of Spain would you love to visit and why? Let me know in the comments below. 


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