Monday 16 October 2023

5 Reasons to Consider a Walking Holiday For Your Next Break

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AD: If your idea of a great holiday is getting out and about exploring the local area, finding those hidden gem spots or just taking in the local scenery whenever you can, then a walking holiday might tick all the boxes for you. There are many reasons people might look to choose a walking holiday including exploring places that can only be seen on foot, wanting to increase their fitness levels, or perhaps traveling with a group of other keen walking enthusiasts.

Whatever your personal reasons, walking holidays can be a great way to spend your holiday and see things you may have totally missed traveling by any other type of transport! Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider a walking holiday for your next break. 

The Whole Family Can Join In

It can be difficult trying to choose a holiday when you have lots of different ages in your group but a walking holiday is a great option because almost everyone can participate! If you have younger members in your group you may want to consider some sort of baby carrier for tired legs, if you have those who may tire a little easier you could consider a walking aid/support. But the great thing about a walking holiday, especially a self-guided one is that you can walk at your own pace which means you can stop when you need to, slow down when you need to, or speed up to more of a hiking pace if you are more capable and want to cover more ground. 

Whilst a walking holiday might not initially appeal to younger children once they are out and exploring they usually end up the ones loving it the most. The freedom to be able to run around, to spot animals and flowers, and not have to "be quiet" as they are out in nature! Plus there is always the added benefit of a walking holiday that regardless of age, everyone tends to sleep well during the night!

Get up Close with Nature 

Walking gives us the best chance to get up close and personal with nature, in fact, whilst walking you are right there among it. You can stop whenever you want to take it all in, spot flowers and plants you might never have seen before, and hear the breeze whistle through long grass and leaves (a sound I love but totally take for granted and miss when traveling by car!). You can paddle in streams and stand under waterfalls, lay in the grass, and maybe if you sit still for long enough spot some wildlife living in its natural habitat. The great thing also is that nature is beautiful whatever the weather and you may find different things in the sun than you do in the rain so don't be afraid to get out there even if it is raining. 

It is so true that we really do miss out on so much traveling by transport rather than on foot and it's only once you start walking in nature and discovering everything, the sights and smells too that we really see why walking can be so amazing. 

Increased fitness and Good for Mental Health

For many going on holiday often means indulging and then dreading the weight gain when they get home, but the bonus of a walking holiday is that even if you do want to indulge you are often burning everything off during your walks and may even come home with a weight loss or feeling so much fitter and healthier than when you left! You may even find that when you return you want to carry on walking in your local area, it can become pretty addictive! 

But walking isn't just good for our physical health it can be great for our mental health too. Walking has been proven to help prevent or ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue as well as help you sleep better at night it doesn't have to be a long, strenuous walk either, just do what you are comfortable with, and build it up from there. Even 30 minutes a day out in the fresh air to clear your mind can have its benefits. 

Find New Places 

Some of the most beautiful places in the world are only reachable by foot and when we travel by car or any kind of transport we often watch everything go by the window, missing all the beauty nature has to offer. But with a walking holiday, you get to explore those places, places untouched by the modern world, with no roads or modern pathways just nature in all its beauty untouched and just as nature intended. Almost all nature reserves, coastal paths, and mountain ranges are walking or cycling only, and therefore the only real way to see these is by foot but that also makes them peaceful and enjoyable to walk too. Plus think of all the beautiful pictures you will get! 

Digital Detox

Technology is all around us and it is pretty hard to escape right? Even when we are on holiday most accommodations will have TV and Wi-Fi connections etc. But when you go on a walking holiday you really are leaving technology behind and you might just be surprised by how quickly everyone, especially kids find new ways on entertaining themselves or having fun without it! Of course, I would always advise at least one of the group (if not more) to carry a mobile phone in case of emergency, but keep this in the bag and try to only use it when you really need to. 

Taking away technology also means going back to following maps or looking out for trail markers which is all part of the fun when it comes to a walking holiday. 

If you are planning on booking your first walking holiday or perhaps just intend on starting off by adding some extra walking and exploring into an existing holiday or just to your life, why not take a look and see if you can find a pre-mapped walking trail from somewhere such as Walking Britain. Here you can simply enter the town or postcode you want to walk in and it will bring up a selection of up to 20 walks nearest to your location. With over 2,500 walks from short strolls and family walks to coastal trails and mountain summits there is something for everyone and it can be a great way to start your walking journey before booking your next walking holiday! 


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