Wednesday 15 November 2023

Strategies for Productivity Improvement in Your Business

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Business productivity comes from being able to complete tasks efficiently within a specific time frame. It is one of the keys to maintaining the perfect work-life balance and it's natural for everyone to strive for it. To increase productivity, businesses need to work smarter. They need to identify areas where they can improve efficiency and productivity. 

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Review existing systems and processes


Reviewing your existing systems and processes helps you to identify where you can make improvements. You may recognize a need to have a system for tracking employee responsibilities and workloads. Perhaps your communication systems need improvement. It may help to get third parties in to help with a review as they are more likely to be objective. After a review, you will have more idea about what technology you may need to invest in. You will also discover where you can save time and energy. 

Organize workflows 

Productivity can be improved by organizing workflows. When you have efficient workflows it helps teams to stay aligned and operate in a consistent way. This is particularly important if you have remote employees. Scrum is an example of one of the productivity methods many IT teams use. It gives team members a chance to discuss their workloads on a daily basis. They will discuss the obstacles they face and get suggestions on how to overcome them. 

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Take a step-by-step approach

It’s better to take a step-by-step approach when trying to improve productivity. Don’t try to tackle all areas at the same time. Focus on the priorities and you will see results more quickly. Some small improvements can end up boosting business more than you expect. It is important to measure your results so you can see which improvements make the most impact.  

Maximize automation 

Productivity can be increased by using automation tools and software. This transition from manual to digital processing of repetitive tasks saves time and energy. It gives your employees a chance to concentrate on more important tasks. This can contribute to the efficiency and growth of your business.  

It’s important to choose the right automation tools and software for your particular business. Consider your business size, budget, and what tasks you want to automate. Automating certain low-level tasks allows employees to focus on their strengths instead of tedious to-do lists. 

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Minimize time-wasting activities 

Some common activities interfere with productivity in a work setting. Minimizing these activities can allow time for more productive activities. 

  • Too many meetings are mentally exhausting and ineffective. Limit meetings and only include employees who need to be there. Meetings should begin on time, stick to a clear agenda, and result in items to take action on.  
  • Disorganization is a huge time-waster. Your employees will waste time trying to find what they need. Organizing your digital workflows can increase productivity. Slack is software that can help you manage teams, share files, pin important docs, etc.
  • There are faster ways to communicate than sharing emails. Encourage employees to connect through video chat or in other ways in real-time. This can be more efficient than waiting for an email reply.  
  • Social media can be a big distraction. You will need to have a clear policy in place concerning social media use. 

 Focus on employee development 

A productive person is someone who works hard and gets good results. Employees are more productive when they are engaged and happy. You need to provide opportunities for your employees to grow and learn. One of your strategies at work could be to offer an employee a new responsibility for a trial period or give time off to attend a seminar.  


Encourage an employee to pursue a hobby that could enhance skills they need to use in the workplace. Showing your investment in their professional and personal development creates more engagement and loyalty. Another way to show this is to provide your employees with more flexibility in the way they work. Find examples of productivity improvements to inspire employees. 


Strategies for improving productivity in your business include automating tasks and improving workflows. You should also focus on minimizing time-wasting activities. Knowing what improvements to make comes from reviewing your current systems and processes. From there, you need to take a step-by-step approach to make changes. This will lead to more consistent improvements and better progress over time. 


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