Wednesday 6 December 2023

Finding the Perfect Gift for 11 Year Old Girls with Wicked Uncle

 **Collaborative Post**

With Christmas fast approaching many of you will have already started your Christmas shopping but finding the perfect gift for certain friends and family can be tricky. As my children have gotten older I have found it harder (and more expensive) to buy for them. Girls especially as they reach that pre-teen age of around 11 or 12 can be particularly hard to buy for as they float the line of feeling too "grown up" to want toys but still a little too young for all the tech and makeup etc that teens are asking for. 

However, Wicked Uncle has come to the rescue and has curated an amazing website to help us solve that issue. Their website is packed full of unique, fun, and quirky gift ideas and an easy-to-use search function that allows you to narrow down your search by both age and gender meaning the gift suggestions you see are perfectly aimed at the child you are searching for. 

If you are struggling with a gift for an 11-year-old girl and need some suggestions (although most will be suitable for children aged 10 - 12 years) this Christmas then keep reading below for our favourite products and recommendations for girls aged 11 all of which can be found on the Wicked Uncle website. 

Mini Dog Lamp 

If it's cute, it's usually a winner, and this mini dog lamp surely ticks all the cuteness boxes. This 7cm miniature dog-shaped lamp is perfect for 11-year-old girls and thanks to its small size it is perfect for several uses. These include reading in bed, lighting up a den, taking to sleepovers or even on camping trips! Don't be fooled by its small size though as its LED light gives out perfect light and its posable legs make it perfect to have anywhere and anytime. 

Pampering Gifts 

Who doesn't love a pamper? I've found around the age of 11, girls seem to start venturing more into wanting to explore more self-care, makeup pampering, etc so getting your 11-year-old started this Christmas can be a great starting place. Personally, I try to avoid any "skincare" type products until they are needed, many of the ingredients are not designed for such young skin. However, that doesn't mean you introduce them to some bits such as bath bombs, micellar water, and kind-to-skin products. Wicked Uncle has some really fun pampering products for 11-year-old girls that would make the perfect stocking fillers such as these fun press-on nails, bath bombs, or hair wrap towel!

TY Fluffy Slippers

As winter fast approaches these slipper socks from TY make a cute AND practical gift. They come in size 2-4 (they are stretchy) and have the classic TY soft toy look with big glassy plastic eyes and fun, vibrant, and bright rainbow colours. 

Foodie Gifts 

Foodie gifts are always a great choice regardless of age but I think these mug cake kits will go down a treat with any 11-year-old girl. Perfect for those late-night snacks or for warming up after school or a club. The other great thing about these mug baking kits is that they are super simple and easy to make its just adding the cake sachet into a mug, adding a few kitchen staples such as milk or butter, and popping the mug into the microwave. 11-Year-olds will love the idea of being independent whilst being left with a delicious treat at the end too. 

Jelly Fish Light 

Most girls will have a little desk area set up by the age of 11 and this jellyfish tank light would make a fantastic quirky addition to any desk or shelf area. The tank features amazing lifelike jellyfish that swim around the tank as the lights change colour. The tank has 3 lights that change colour creating a calming and soothing effect perfect for a bedroom or desk area and it's a much better option than a goldfish as it requires no feeding or cleaning out! 

Craft Kits  

Craft kits are usually my go to when it comes to buying for children of all ages as they are such a great way to encourage imaginative play and Wicked Uncle has a huge range of these (of course all separated into their relevant age categories) with plenty for girls aged 11 too. One that really caught my eye in the girl's age 11 category was this fun pottery studio set which contains everything you need to make 10 creations! I can just imagine girls making their friends little girls with this or pots for their brushes etc so really it's a gift that keeps on giving! 

These are just a handful of the gifts I picked out that I felt would be perfect for girls aged 11 but there are so many more suggestions available on the Wicked Uncle website starting at just £3.99! You can even get your gifts gift wrapped if you want to for a small additional cost. 

If you are stuck on what to get then I highly suggested visiting Wicked Uncle and letting them take the stress out of gift buying for you this festive season.


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