Friday 1 December 2023

How should UK businesses conduct drug tests?

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What is a drug test?

For the past couple of years, the number of people who have started to use different types of herbs and other substances has increased, especially in the United Kingdom. The usage of these substances is linked with the fact that consuming them provides people some sort of stress, relieving them from their worries and anxiety for some time

However, the negative side effects of consuming these substances and smoking them outweigh the benefits. For instance, the constant consumption of these types of herbs can cause people to solely depend on them as a sort of stress reliever. On the other hand, after a long period of usage, people will start to feel that they are being controlled by these herbs, which will cause them to act accordingly - without manners and control.

To minimize the negative side effects and have control of substance abuse, drug testing kits in UK have become helpful in determining whether people are consuming more than the required amount. To further elaborate, the usage of drug test results allows people to understand the severity of their consumption, which prevents them from becoming addicted to the substance.

Many different types of drug testing kits exist nowadays, and that is because people were able to realize the advantages that drug tests bring. 

Why businesses should conduct drug tests in the UK?

As mentioned before, the increase in the consumption and smoking of different types of herbs and cannabis can create addiction and start to have control over people’s decisions. In other words, smoking herbs can influence people to act in certain ways and prevent them from making sound decisions. 

So, many companies and organizations thought it best to have some laws and regulations to control the amount of herbs their employees and members consume. The laws and regulations were in the form of providing drug test results on a periodic manner; at first, these people had to go to medical institutions in order to get the drug test results; however, this method of taking the drug test increased their expenses. 

In order to decrease the costs associated with this regulation and requirement, companies started to provide their members with drug testing kits, which are do-it-yourself testing kits that provide answers within minutes of taking the test. 

Nevertheless, there are many different types of drug testing kits that companies choose from. Thus, before purchasing a test kit, be sure to understand the different types and choose accordingly. 

Different types of drug tests that businesses can use

One of the most commonly used testing kits is considered to be the urine testing kits; these tests require from test takers less effort compared to other types. In other words, when taking the urine drug test kit, the only thing that test takers are required to do is to stay hydrated to provide the right amount of urine sample for the test to be effective. However, the amount of urine sample required for the test is considered to not be a lot; thus, it takes the minimum effort to take the test.

On the other hand, there are also blood testing kits, where people are required to prick the tip of one of their fingers to drip a couple of drops onto the stick of the testing kit. 

Additionally, there is the oral swab testing kit, which is considered to be the most time-consuming since people are required to send the oral swab with a sample of the test taker's saliva on it back to the testing kit provider so that it can be analysed for drug test results. 

However, it is important to mention that most of these types provide only positive or negative results; in other words, the amount of substance that exists in a person’s body will not be displayed by taking the test kits. To get the exact numbers and statistics, it is best to use testing kits where people need to send their samples back to get a more in-depth analysis. 

Whichever method businesses decide to use, it is important to understand the accuracy of each type is considered to be in the same range; hence, the only difference between them is the test-taking method. 

Advantages of using drug tests on the company culture

There are many advantages tests associated with taking drug test kits on the company culture. First, companies will be able to reduce the costs of their employees which are associated with providing test results,

Additionally, taking these tests allow businesses to achieve a positive company culture, where no one acts based on the influence of different types of substances. 

On the other hand, these types of tests reduce the time spent on taking the test - people are not required to go to medical institutions to get the tests done and they do not have to wait for days to get back the results. 


In conclusion, companies should conduct drug tests in their company to have a healthy company culture; thus, using drug test kits that allow people to take the test from wherever they are should be taken into consideration.


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