Monday 12 February 2024

5 Tips for Child Safety when Decorating the House

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Spring is almost here, and there is something about the spring air or maybe it is the sight of the sun for the first time in months, that gives us that extra little spring in our step. For some people that means a big sort out and spring clean, for others that might mean refreshing their d├ęcor and decorating the house. Whatever it is for you, now could be an excellent time to make plans for DIY projects at home. But with a house full of family, child safety when decorating and getting around to tasks is essential for getting the job done with minimal stress and no injuries or accidents!

From protecting against toxins to keeping the place hazard-free, here are some tips to help you get those home DIY projects done safely around your family.

Get the Best Equipment Available

You might find it expensive when doing DIY, but some things are more pricier for a reason. Often, the quality of something determines its cost. When it comes to a DIY project, this can be vital, as lower-cost equipment and tools can be hazardous. Getting the right tools and top brands from stores such as HSS Buy means you can remove some of the danger. There are always great mid-range options that don't cost too much because they aren't at an expert level.

Protect Against Harmful Substances

There are many hazards when decorating your home. Some of them are harmful substances. These are dangerous in their own right, but you may not even know that they are there until it's too late. These include lead, volatile organic compounds, and asbestos. The first two are found in old paint, especially paint from the 1970's. It is also illegal to disturb these paints without a license. Further to these, there could also be airborne allergens when you do some DIY tasks.

Create a Space for Child Safety when Decorating

It's not always easy, but it is a massive help to create a safe space for the kids separate from the working area. Kids can get in the way and cause a tripping hazard. But they can also grab dangerous items. In the UK, there were around 4,800 hospital trips because of power tools and DIY items. And some of these were children. It is helpful to section off a part of the house where the kids can go about their day in safety as you get to work on your renovation project.

Clean Up Mess as You Go

Being careful as you go is one of the most powerful ways of maintaining safety. This goes for you and the kids. A messy work area invites trips, slips, and falls. But for kids, especially younger ones, they may be inclined to put harmful things in their mouths and play with dangerous items. All it really takes is a few trash bags and a safe area to store rubbish while you work. It helps to also only have what you need in the room and at reach at any given time.

Don't Forget to Ventilate

Alongside hazards such as lead and VOCs, there will likely be a lot of allergens in the air when you are decorating. This includes dust that becomes loose as you clean neglected areas or sand down surfaces. But it also includes paint fumes. If you use air conditioning, make sure you change the filter when decorating. You can also hire a dust extractor from a local DIY store to pull in extra contaminants, as you also open up all the windows in the house for fresh air.


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